The Nebraska Cornhuskers plan on mounting a big campaign to land William Griffin. Reports say that the Nebraska Huskers are hoping to take in as many as four offensive linemen for its 2021 class. This opens up an opportunity for the team to snag the three-star offensive tackle, who is increasingly getting more attention from other teams. Griffin could prove to be a huge asset for the Cornhuskers, reports 247 Sports. He ranks 14th in Tennessee and 47th among offensive tackles.

William Griffin, a hot prospect

William Griffin, who lives in Tennessee, is one of the most in-demand offensive linemen in the 2021 class.

So far, Griffin has amassed a total of 15 scholarship offers from football programs all over the country. Due to his attendance in many football camps, he picked up major offers from the Ohio State Buckeyes, Alabama Crimson Tide, and the LSU Tigers.

Griffin is still a puzzle waiting to be solved among predictors. For example, 247Sports has not published its Crystal Predictions for the player yet. According to his recent statements, it seems William Griffin is eyeing two programs: the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Alabama Crimson Tide. He also spoke positively of the Tennessee Volunteers and the Kentucky Wildcats.

But given Nebraska’s decent recruitment track record in the past months, it is not surprising if Griffin will commit to the Lincoln program.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers just have to play their cards right to stand out in his increasingly crowded offer list.

Nebraska Cornhuskers build partnership with Opendorse

In other Nebraska Cornhuskers news, the university inked a partnership with the company Opendorse. The University of Nebraska administration recently announced that the school’s Board of Governors approved its partnership with Opendorse.

This allows student-athletes to build their respective brands, which enables them to benefit from their name and image.

The partnership will be available for all of the university’s student-athletes. Among the biggest recipients of the partnership are the Nebraska Huskers football players, who are gaining prominence nationally.

The CEO of Opendorse, Blake Lawrence, happens to be an alumnus of the Cornhuskers football program. Lawrence and his business partner Adi Kunalic were part of the team’s 2007 class.

No more organized Big Ten team activities

In related news, a Big Ten Conference ban on organized team activities will affect the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Big Ten Conference recently announced the suspension of organized team activities until Monday, April 06. The sports association implemented the decision because of the fears surrounding the coronavirus. There is a possibility that the suspension of activities will be extended if the status of the pandemic does not improve soon. Because of this, the Huskers football team will not be able to do its spring practices. There is also a chance that the university will have to cancel its annual spring game.