Jordan Fuller already left the Ohio State Buckeyes earlier this year. But that does not mean that he already moved on from the team’s heartbreaking December loss in the semifinals game against the Clemson Tigers. On his Twitter account, Fuller retweeted a video clip of the Ohio State Buckeyes vs Clemson game. He said that he is still doing his best to get over the loss.

Clemson Tigers vs Ohio State Buckeyes

It can be recalled that Clemson Tigers won the game, 29-23. However, the Tigers’ victory received a negative reception among Buckeye fans. This was due to two controversial calls made by referees during the game.

One controversy during the semifinals game happened when the referees overturned Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins’ touchdown. After video replay, the referees found out that Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross made an incomplete pass earlier in the game. This rendered the ensuing touchdown invalid. After the defeat, Buckeyes demanded action on refs. However, even after the two months, Ohio fans are waiting for the sacking of the refs. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes can still demand NCAA to hold refs accountable for their alleged errors in the match.

The game between Ohio State Buckeyes and Clemson Tigers served as one of the college football season’s semifinal games. After winning, the Clemson Tigers then advanced to the College Football Playoffs National Championship Game.

They lost the chance to achieve a back-to-back win against the LSU Tigers, 42-25.

Ohio State Buckeyes renew rivalry with Clemson Tigers in recruitment trail

The Ohio State Buckeyes is doing its best to make up for its loss since December. One way it is upstaging the Clemson Tigers is through a major commitment to its 2021 class.

The Buckeyes successfully snagged a commitment from 2021 cornerback Jakailin Johnson today. Johnson, who is the no. 4 cornerback and no. 59 overall prospect, greatly boosts Ohio State’s 2021 class standing.

Johnson’s commitment to the Buckeyes is a gigantic blow to the Tigers, who were hoping to sign another promising cornerback.

It can be recalled that the two teams also chased after cornerback Jordan Hancock earlier this year. Hancock eventually gave his commitment to the Tigers. If anything, the chase after Johnson and Hancock reinforces the tight rivalry between Ohio State and Clemson. It is reasonable to assume that the competition will intensify once the recruitment season resumes later this year.

Jordan Fuller working hard to get NFL attention

Meanwhile, Jordan Fuller wants to let NFL teams know how huge of an asset he can be. During the NFL Combine last month, Fuller made sure to highlight his strengths as a player. According to him, he is an athletic and smart player. Both of these qualities combine to make him a versatile team member. Based on the draft rankings published on CBS Sports, Jordan Fuller is the no. 13 safety and no. 165 prospect overall. It is predicted that he will be picked in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.