When the NCCA launched the transfer portal on October 15, 2018, fans and media were excited about the new policy. The school changing process for college athletes became much easier. For college football, the portal has been an intriguing game-changer, especially at the quarterback position.

Joe Burrow is a transfer success story

Quarterbacks are now changing schools more often as they hope to display their talents and make it to the NFL. LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow, led his team to the College National Championship this year after transferring from Ohio State in 2018.

With the 23-year-old expected to be the first pick in this year’s NFL draft, college players are now less interested in being second or third choice options on their teams. The transfer portal has led to an increase in the number of transfers as players search for an opportunity to shine.

Scott Frost on transfer portal

However, there are some who think that while the portal has had an impact on collegiate sports, it is yet to deliver on the huge promise most thought it had. According to 247 Sports, the Nebraska Husker’s coach feels that the portal has had a big impact but not to the extent that many had predicted. Nebraska’s head coach, Scott Frost, thinks the portal has not been as big as many expected.

In a recent interview, the Husker’s head coach said that transfer portal good, but not great players end up in the portal. “I think it's been a big influence. Probably not as big as some people thought it would be. Some good players end up in the portal, but I don't think it is the goldmine that some expected it to be,” reports 247 Sports.

Nebraska Huskers loses great players this season

There have been some high profile departures from Nebraska Huskers since the transfer portal came into existence. Defensive back Cam'Ron Jones entered the transfer portal after spending one season with the Huskers. Jones had arrived as a four-star prospect but left for SMU. Former Nebraska running back Maurice Washington entered the transfer portal after the Huskers released him.

With the college recruiting season reaching its apex on National Signing Day this past Wednesday, the Huskers did not sign a player to the roster.

They still have two spots to fill. Coach Frost says they will monitor the portal for good players who can help the team. “We'll continue to monitor it, and probably add a player or two here or there if we need them.” However, he insists that the portal is not the ideal way to build a football team. Let us know what you think about Scott Frost's view on the transfer portal, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on college football.