Travis Etienne shocked everyone with his announcement that he will not be taking part in the 2020 NFL Draft. will, instead, continue on to his senior year with one of the country's top college football teams. He made his announcement on his Twitter account writing that, while playing for the NFL is still his goal, he is not yet done fulfilling his dreams with the Clemson Tigers and he looks forward to graduating next year.

Travis Etienne, a top running back in college football

Etienne’s return surprised the public. After being the top college running back for the past two years, many thought that it was a foregone conclusion that he would enter the 2020 NFL Draft.

Running backs usually have a short shelf life in professional college football, so, there was a wide assumption that he would just get on ahead and sign-up for the NFL. While he has not shared his reason for choosing to stay, many think that it could be because his grades are wide-ranging. This could mean that he might not be chosen in the first round. By choosing to stay, he has a better chance to improve more on his numbers.

Strong 2020 lineup for Clemson Tigers

According to Sports Betting dime, Travis Etienne will be a valuable part of an already strong 2020 lineup for the Clemson Tigers. Etienne is a 2,000-yard player and is already in the Clemson Tigers record books as the university’s all-time rushing leader.

He also has a good track record as a wide receiver so he will be able to contribute a lot to the team.

Etienne joins star quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the lineup. Lawrence is the runaway favorite to receive the Heisman Trophy this year. Wideouts Amari Rodgers and Justyn Ross will also be assets for Clemson. Clemson’s playing schedule for next season also helps their chances.

The team plays in the ACC, which is considered to be a weak conference. Their only real potential stumbling blocks are outside the conference. These include the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Alabama Crimson Tides.

Memorable Clemson Tigers defeat to LSU Tigers

Despite an impressive record in the past two years, the Clemson Tigers will have to do a lot to rinse away their bitter defeat to the LSU Tigers in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship game.

The 42-25 loss to the LSU Tigers is still a sore spot for the team. If it were not for the defeat, Clemson would have back-to-back championships, which was last achieved by the Alabama Crimson Tides in 2011 and 2012. Let us know what you think about Travis Etienne.