Brittany Matthews, like the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase, has been enjoying one heck of a wild ride over the last few weeks. Unlike the rest of the fanbase, Matthews has been riding shotgun thanks to her uber-talented boyfriend.

Currently dating Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the young lady has a following of her own online. As the team has continued winning, going all the way to the Super Bowl, that following has grown.

While most of the people following her have also been fans of the Chiefs, the team's success has bred a certain amount of animosity towards those who are enjoying their playoff run.

In recent days, that animosity has been turned towards those openly enjoying the success off the field. That's meant anger geared towards Matthews, who isn't shy about showing her excitement on her social media pages.

On Sunday afternoon, former NFL star Torrey Smith had enough of the taunting and abuse aimed at Mahomes' girlfriend and he called out Barstool Sports who posted a tweet about her on Twitter.

Torrey Smith comes to the aid of Brittany Matthews

Barstool posted a compilation of Brittany Matthews's social media posts with the caption, "Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend is one of those GFs if she’s on your team you love her. If not you hate her."

It appears this post, which was a culmination of thousands of people on social media criticizing Matthews for her behavior over the last few weeks, was the last straw for Torrey Smith.

He quote tweeted the post and said, "Let her be a great girlfriend in peace. Mind your own miserable buisness (sic) and relationships."

It didn't take long for ESPN personality Mina Kimes to second Smith's message with her reply. "this is so stupid and gross."

And then the Barstool defenders came out of the woodwork, pointing out Brittany Matthews had posted those videos of her own accord.

Other users shot back it was the vitriol that was being aimed at the young woman that was the problem. There were also many users who pointed out there wasn't a reason to "hate" her just because she was enjoying her boyfriend and her favorite team winning the AFC championship.

Brittany Matthews supporting the team the way she knows how

For her part, Matthews has been getting heat from opposing fans for weeks, if not months. Through it all, she has continued posting on social media, usually, Instagram about her support for her boyfriend and the Kansas City Chiefs.

it seems unlikely she's going to stop even if accounts like Barstool Sports call her out for her actions. The anger over her posts has started a backlash against those who are annoyed she continues to show her support. For now, she and her famous boyfriend are still having fun.