The Nebraska Cornhuskers coach is on a career-high. It is not every day that you see a college football coach become popular in search engines but that is what happened to Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Scott Frost. At least, this is what the satirical publication Scarlet Tribune wants its readers to believe.

The publication, which aims to satirize the Huskers and its fan base, posted a story calling Frost the most Googled person in Iowa. The article also lists “Scott Frost pants” and "Scott Frost pants close up” as among the most Google-searched phrases in the state.

Other phrases in the list include “okay to marry sister in Iowa” and “places to get belly tattoo.”

Scott Frost, the recruiting trail star

Over the past few months, Frost has earned a reputation for his talent in recruiting star players to his team. Frost led the Nebraska Huskers into one of the most productive National Signing Days in recent memory. The team even managed to pick up several four-star recruits along the way. Because of Nebraska’s signing prowess, the team placed at no. 20 nationally on the 247Sports composite ranking for 2020 classes.

Barton Simmons, who acts as Director of Scouting for 247Sports, hailed Frost for adding skilled players to his team. He said that Nebraska was able to close strong, making them one of the teams to watch next season.

Frost and his team have been successful in snatching players who have made verbal commits to other universities. Inside linebacker Keyshawn Greene, for example, was committed to Florida State University. But Frost and the other coaches brought him to campus to sell him on moving to the Midwest. He signed on the last day of his visit.

Frost's contract extension

Meanwhile, it looks like the University of Nebraska has been utterly pleased with Frost’s performance as head coach. It is now confirmed that the university has approved Frost’s two-year contract extension. Frost and NU Athletic Director Bill Boos signed the documents needed for the contract.

According to the contract, Frost will have a base annual salary of $5 million.

While this is way below the salary of heavyweights like Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney, it is still a pretty big amount. The university also has an option to pay him more money without having to amend the contract. Because of the contract extension, Frost is now tied to the Nebraska football program until December 31, 2026.

If the university decides to terminate his employment, they will still have to pay Frost $5 million per year until 2024. He will also receive $2.5 million each for 2025 and 2026. Let us know what you think about the Scott Frost, Put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates.