The Nebraska football team hasn't lived up to the expectations of some fans this season. The primary reason for the struggles appears to be an offense that hasn't taken the next step forward in 2019. On the flip side, the Cornhuskers' defense has improved quite a bit, notwithstanding its performance against Ohio State.

Just why the offense has been underwhelming (68th ranked in the country) to most fans, has been the subject of much speculation from the Husker Nation. Some believe the issue has to do with sophomore running back Maurice Washington.

He's missed parts of two games due to unannounced suspensions. He's missed parts of other games due to injury.

Others have pinned the struggles squarely on the starting quarterback. Adrian Martinez has, even according to his own coaches, looked uncomfortable in the pocket, at times, this year.

One former Nebraska football star believes he understands why the team is struggling on offense. Rob Zatechka, a starting offensive lineman during the Huskers' heyday, talked about the issues on the latest episode of his podcast, Doc Talk.

25 yards and in

The former Nebraska football player talked about a wide range of issues in his latest episode. The biggest topic of discussion was why, as Zatechka put it, the offense "sucks."

The former lineman with a medical degree thinks he's nailed the reason and one of the biggest issues is the team simply doesn't have the weapons many Husker fans thought they did.

At the top of that list is the wide receiver corps.

While there appears to be talent there, Zatechka doesn't believe the team has the speed burner or deep threat it needs. "They don’t have the guy who can go long. Outside of Wandale (Robinson) busting one, they’re 25 yards and in." He said.

He went on to explain that it makes it very easy for the defense to bring everyone closer to the line.

That, in turn, makes it harder for Wandale to bust one. That appears to be illustrated by their lack of long passing plays. The passing plays that have gone for big yards have tended to start right around the line of scrimmage.

Nebraska football coaches get some blame

Zatechka doesn't think the lack of the right weapons at wide receiver are the only problem.

The former Nebraska football player also touched on Martinez.

He believes the coaches are making him analyze too much instead of just playing. He added that he understands what they're doing but wishes they'd just "cut the kid loose."

Finally, he talked about a theory not touched on that much by the greater group of Husker fans. Zeroing in on the snap problems from Cameron Jurgens, and why he isn't being benched, he believes the staff is looking at the future more than the present.

"I think the coaching staff has settled into the notion these guys are going to be good ... a year and a half from now." Zatechka said. He believes the Nebraska football team isn't just talking the talk about building for the future but also sacrificing some of the present for that building.