Veteran quarterback Tom Brady will turn unrestricted free agent on March 18 and for the first time in his 20-year NFL career, he will hear pitches from other teams interested in his services. In his latest interview, Brady said he will be open-minded to the process and embrace whatever the future brings, be it the New England Patriots or another team. While many are saying that Brady should remain with the Patriots because they offer him the best chance to succeed and win another Super Bowl ring, former teammate Rob Gronkowski said the 42-year-old signal-caller should be given a chance to explore free agency and determine his worth on the market before he makes a decision on his future.

Recently, three Hall of Fame quarterbacks -- Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman-- said they want Brady to remain with the Patriots.

Ryan says Patriots should improve offense

“I’m buying it because they have the No. 1 defense in the National Football League, they have the best coach so it’s still there,” former NFL head coach Rex Ryan told “Get Up” on ESPN, adding that the team should improve its offensive line and wide receivers. As to the possibility of Brady leaving the Patriots, Ryan said “he’s gonna look awful in a different uniform like ‘oh my God.’”, stressing that the veteran quarterback is the face of the Patriots. But Ryan said that if Brady decides to leave, he urged the quarterback to join the Los Angeles Chargers where his son is a coach.

Earlier, Ryan called on the Patriots to add more targets for Brady if he decides to stay in New England.

Ex-center doesn’t see Brady with Chargers

There is so much talk about Brady joining the Chargers and playing for his hometown team next season. The Chargers have no starting quarterback as they let Phillip Rivers’ deal expire after this season.

With Rivers on his way out, the Chargers are looking for a veteran quarterback to lead the team and Brady seems to fit the bill. However, former Chargers center Nick Hardwick told Tom E. Curran's Patriots Talk Podcast that he "can't see it happening." According to Hardwick, who played center for the Chargers from 2004 to 2014, Brady joining the Chargers makes no sense, unless if he wants to be in the media production business.

Hardwick said he can’t imagine Brady moving from the Patriots, who owns two private 737s and play for an organization that is not an owner but a renter of a stadium. “I can't conceptualize that,” Hardwick said, stressing that the Chargers are only pursuing the veteran quarterback to boost ticket sales. Hardwick said he believes that Brady is not going somewhere just to kill time. "He's not going somewhere to pick up an additional three years and in my opinion, tarnish your legacy,” said Hardwick.