After unleashing a series of tweets that he considered inappropriate, ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit has issued an apology for the ensuing online debacle. On his Twitter account, he wrote that his responses to Buckeye fans failed to make the situation better. He also promised to keep his cool the next time he talks to college football fans.

Herbstreit’s rants started when he saw several Buckeye fans claim that ESPN is biased against Ohio State. According to fan posts, Disney-owned ESPN does not want Ohio State to win because it would be against its business interests.

Ohio State is part of the Big Ten conference, which has a partnership with Disney rival, Fox Sports.

Herbstreit praises Ohio State Buckeyes coach Ryan Day

Kirk Herbstreit may not have been pleased with Buckeye Nation’s reaction to the team’s 2019 Fiesta Bowl loss but he is all-praises when it comes to head coach Ryan Day. Speaking on the Tim May Podcast, the ESPN commentator said that Ohio State played their three best games under Day’s leadership.

He also credited Day for successfully steering the team towards college football wins in the past season. Additionally, he complimented the fact that Day was able to inject his “signature” and “personality” into his team.

It seems that Herbstreit is not the only one who thinks so. Day was recently shortlisted as one of the finalists for the 2019 George Munger Collegiate Coach of the Year Award.

It can be remembered that Day took over from former head coach Urban Meyers. Before he ascended to the top post, Day served as offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for the Buckeyes.

Herbstreit reacts to Mike Leach heading to Mississippi State

In other news, Kirk Herbstreit has weighed in on the news that Mike Leach will now be the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

On a post in his Twitter account, Herbstreit expressed delight over Leach’s decision to head to Mississippi State. According to him, the move was “a treat,” considering that another renowned college football coach, Lane Kiffin, will serve in the Ole Miss Rebels.

Before the transfer, Leach served as head coach of the Washington State Cougars for eight years. There, he led the team to a Pac-12 North Division co-championship in 2018. That same year, they also became Alamo Bowl champions. He was also the head coach at Texas Tech from 2000-2009. He helped the team attain the 2008 Big 12 South Division championship. With Leach’s move, Mississippi could become one of the strongest states in college football.

Kiffin, who moved to the Rebels in December, will also begin his full season this year. Let us know what you think about Kirk Herbstreit's comments. Stay tuned for more updates on Ohio State Buckeyes.