Fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes are still waiting for the NCAA to take action on the controversial overturned touchdown during the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Buckeye Nation believes that the Fiesta Bowl officials did Ohio dirty by taking a touchdown from the team. They think that the decision had a contributory effect on the Buckeyes’ eventual loss.

Based on the official video review, officials struck down a supposed touchdown catch by Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins.

It can be recalled that several prominent football officials and personalities agreed that it was an incomplete pass.

This includes the outgoing national coordinator of college football officials Rogers Redding. As a former referee himself, Redding knows what he is talking about.

Bill Carollo, who serves as supervisor of Big Ten referees and officials, also agrees that the Ohio State touchdown should have been kept on the scoreboard. According to him, the incomplete pass should be really obvious for it to be reversed. He even said that all of the referees and officials he has talked to share his sentiment. Just after the game, Blasting News reported that Carollo spoke to Ryan Day. Bill said, he was upset, but, "He's a pro. Very professional." Even after 10-days fans of Fiesta Bowl, Buckeyes are waiting for the refs to be sacked.

Social media reaction to 2019 Fiesta Bowl

On the night of December 28, the 2019 Fiesta Bowl lit up the feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

While there was a general agreement that the Clemson-Ohio State faceoff was a thrilling game, there was also a huge population of users who thought that the Buckeyes were robbed. Most of the conversations about it centered on Ohio State’s overturned touchdown. There were also tweets about the referees’ questionable decision to eject Ohio State defensive back Shaun Wade.

Predicting Ohio State Buckeyes' 2020 season

The 2020 season will present a good chance for the Ohio State Buckeyes to become even better in the football field. It looks like expectations for the team will be high as usual if a list from a sports website is any indication. Popular website Sporting News recently published an early look into the college football scene for this year’s season. The article sought to rank the top 25 schools nationally based on the early signings to the teams’ 2020 classes.

Ohio State ranked no. 2 on the list, just behind the Clemson Tigers. Part of the reason for the Buckeyes’ high placement is because of the team’s strong receiving corps. The list also predicts that wide receiver Garrett Wilson will become a big star. Other teams in the top five of the list are the Alabama Crimson Tides, the LSU Tigers, and the Georgia Bulldogs. Stay tuned for more updates.