Trevor Lawrence of the Clemson Tigers had his heart broken when the team lost to the LSU Tigers [VIDEO]during the College Football Playoff national championship game. Even with his impressive record during the season, some fans blamed him for the defeat.

Lawrence got outshined by Heisman Trophy winner and LSU quarterback Joe Burrow during the game. The latter achieved a total of 463 yards passing and five touchdowns without even registering a turnover. A lot of Clemson fans think that Lawrence was off his game during the national championship match.

Even he admitted it as such, saying that some of his throws did not hit their mark. As the team’s top player, he is being blamed for the loss.

What some fans are forgetting, however, is the fact that it is Lawrence’s first time to lose in his college career. He will have plenty of opportunities to make up for the defeat in the next season.

Trevor Lawrence to mount expected comeback in 2020 season

Trevor Lawrence may not have exhibited a good showing during the College Football Playoff national finals but he still has a huge following among Clemson Tigers fans.

With Lawrence making a return next season, Clemson has a good chance of making a huge comeback. It will be Lawrence’s third season and he will already be a prime candidate for the Heisman Trophy by then.

Travis Etienne frustrated at how Clemson Tigers ended the season

Clemson Tigers quarterback Travis Etienne shares Lawrence’s disappointment about the way the season ended for their team.

In an interview with the WLTX19, he admitted that he was sad about the outcome of what could be his last game with Clemson. However, he thinks that he and his teammates gave their all, which is what matters.

Etienne has a huge decision to make soon. He is rumored to be in contention for the 2020 NFL Draft.

New mascot costume for Clemson?

In other related news, an LSU Tigers fan has made headlines for proposing to have a new mascot costume for Clemson. Dion Grossnickle, a massive fan of the LSU Tigers, started a GoFundMe effort to help Clemson purchase a new costume for its mascot.

In the GoFundMe page, Grossnickle wrote that the current mascot costume looks like something that was from “clearance rack from TG&Y in 1981.”

TG&Y was a chain of stores that housed a variety of inexpensive household and personal goods. It closed down back in 2001. It looks like Grossnickle is not the only person who dislikes Clemson’s mascot. The GoFundMe effort has already reached its $1,000 goal. It achieved the goal in less than a day. All funds raised will be sent to the Clemson University Athletic Department. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Clemson Tigers.