Fans of the Clemson Tigers are angry at the referees of the College Football Playoff National Championship. This was after it was revealed that the refs did not catch a major violation that the LSU Tigers made during the game. According to Total Pro Sports, during the championship game’s second quarter, the LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire attempted to avoid one of Clemson’s defenders positioned in the sidelines. However, as videos later showed, it was clear that he touched out of bounds as he tried to avoid being tackled.

In a normal game, this would be a major violation of the LSU Tigers.

An out of bounds violation happens when a player does not re-establish his position after touching the ball. However, the referees were not able to penalize the Tigers for the violation. This was because the Tigers were going no-huddle. Because of this, the replay booth was unable to pause the game for a video review. Clemson Tigers [VIDEO] fans think that the missed violation could have had an impact on the LSU Tigers’ leading its opponent. They believe it hampered Clemson’s momentum in the game.

Just two weeks before, two referee calls were also the source of controversy in the semifinal game between Clemson and the Ohio State Buckeyes. One of the referee calls involved the reversal of Ohio State’s touchdown after a video review showed that an incomplete pass was made before the move.

Should Ed Orgeron or Joe Burrow take credit for LSU win?

Even with the controversy during the College Football Playoff National Championship, no one can deny that the LSU Tigers had a memorable season.

Ed Orgeron has been serving as head coach of LSU since 2016. While he had a big role in the massive improvement the team has shown since he took over, many think that quarterback Joe Burrow should get credit as well. According to records, the Heisman Trophy winner threw for 463 yards and five touchdowns during the final match.

The national championship win is LSU’s first since 2007. They were able to defeat one of the country’s top teams in the final (Clemson held the championship title twice in the past five years).

Clemson Tigers return to South Carolina

With the college football season over, the Clemson Tigers have now gone back to South Carolina to start preparing for the next games it will be participating in. According to reports on the ground, the mood was somber upon the return of the team to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. Head coach Dabo Swinney and the team members immediately walked to the buses waiting for them on the tarmac. The team reached the Reeves Football Complex in the Clemson campus less than two hours after. They were welcomed by a sizable crowd in the facility. Stay tuned for more updates.