New England Patriots fans expressed alarm following a cryptic post by veteran quarterback Tom Brady on his social media accounts. On Thursday, Brady posted a photo on Instagram of himself inside Gillette Stadium, but it’s unclear if he’s entering or exiting the field.

As expected, Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen reacted first, commenting with a heart and a kiss emoji. UFC president and Brady’s close friend Dana White commented “The GOAT has me DYIN over here!!” while Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan reacted with “Do you, my man!

Your life to live and your decisions to live with!”

Brady’s post divides Patriots fans

However, many Patriots fans have various reactions to the photo-based on how they see it. Some fans who see Brady leaving the stadium expressed worry that could be an indication that he could be leaving New England or calling it a career after 20 years in the NFL. User styleonthehil commented "I can’t even imagine my Sunday’s without him in a Pats uniform", ashalexiss said "Tom, this week has been heavy enough. Please don’t do this to us”, beachyb12 reacted "You can’t leave us, we are your family" while drewpariseault said, “I swear to god Tom, if you leave...I’m gonna shave my chest with a cheese grater.”

For those who see Brady entering the stadium, they say it’s a sign that he would return for a 21st season with the Patriots.

User sandy_m_bonilla said "I was literally in tears. I hope this means he’s staying home", devin1185 reacted "That’s the goat walking back in" while wendells4 said "This looks like you’re walking IN to Gillette, not out. IN!!" The debate over Brady’s photo is so intense that the Sunday Night Football Twitter account decided to start a poll on whether the 42-year-old quarterback is coming in or going out of Gillette Stadium.

Schefter allays fears of Patriots fans

However, Adam Schefter of ESPN allayed fears by Patriots fans, saying the mysterious post has nothing to do with Brady’s future with the Patriots or his playing career. In a tweet, Schefter said Brady’s tweet is not related to his football future, per his sources.

“Repeat, not related to his football future. But the speculation sure is fun,” said Schefter.

Brady’s future with the Patriots is unclear as he will become an unrestricted free agent on March 18. Earlier, Schefter predicted that Brady has three options when he turns free agent – stay with the Patriots, play with another team or call it a career after two decades in New England. Retirement is out of the equation as Brady has repeatedly underscored his plan to play until he’s 45 years old.

Also, Brady hinted that he likes to remain with the Patriots, who drafted him 199th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft. There were reports that Brady could join the Los Angeles Chargers or the Las Vegas-bound Oakland Raiders, but experts say the Patriots give him the best chance to succeed.