MLB: The Chicago Cubs are reportedly desperate to make a trade in order for some changes to be made on the north side of Chicago according to multiple sources like the Bleacher Report. One change they may look to make is trading C Willson Contreras.

Contreras only appeared in 105 games in 2019 but slashed .272/.355/.533. His career slash line is .267/.350/.470. Contreras has been to the all-star game twice.

In order to trade Contreras, the Cubs are probably seeking young, controllable pitching or pitching prospects. Here are some trades that could happen that revolve around Contreras.

Houston Astros

Astros get: Contreras, SP Tyler Chatwood and $3 million

Cubs get: P Bryan Abreu, C Garrett Stubbs, P Hunter Brown, and one minor league player

The Astros are in dire need of a catcher as their current catchers are Dustin Garneau and Garrett Stubbs in which none of them are major league caliber catchers. With Contreras potentially available, the Astros should inquire about his availability and make an offer. To get Contreras along with starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood, they can give up fourth-ranked prospect Bryan Abreu, Garrett Stubbs who's ranked 14, Hunter Brown who's ranked 22 and a minor league player.

1) George Springer CF

2) Jose Altuve 2B

3) Alex Bregman 3B

4) Carlos Correa SS

5) Michael Brantley LF

6) Yordan Alvarez DH

7) Willson Contreras C

8) Yuli Gurriel 1B

9) Josh Reddick RF

That lineup above would possibly be the most dangerous lineup in baseball.

With a combination of power, contact, and speed it would be an unstoppable lineup that could compete against any pitcher in the major leagues. With Chatwood, the Astros can get a pitcher that can replace free agent departures Gerrit Cole and Wade Miley. In two seasons as a member of the Cubs, Chatwood holds a 4.64 E.R.A. in 62 games (25 starts).

Chatwood's tenure in Chicago hasn't gone great but he could rejuvenate his career in Houston as did pitchers Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole did when they came to Houston so perhaps Chatwood will find more success with the Astros. The Astros would also get $3 million to help cover Chatwood's $13 million salary for the 2020 season.

In return for Contreras, if they were to send him to the Astros, the Cubs would get a nice package. In 287 1/3 career minor league innings pitched, Abreu has struck out 368 batters and has only given up 223 hits. He appeared in seven games at the major league level in 2019 out of the bullpen and fared well. He also projects as a future frontline starter but will need time to develop into that role. Stubbs minor league career slash line is .272/.361/.400 and made his major league debut this year. If he were to play for the Cubs, he can be in a platoon role with the other Cubs catcher Victor Caratini. Meanwhile Brown has an opponent average of .157 in his minor league career. The Cubs would also get a minor league player in the deal.

Tampa Bay Rays

Rays get: Contreras and international bonus pool money

Cubs get: P Brent Honeywell, C Ronaldo Hernandez, P Anthony Banda, and P Austin Franklin

Like the Astros, the Rays are in need of a catcher and are a contending team looking to improve. The Rays also have a deep prospect pool that would make the Cubs interested in a multitude of the prospects that the Rays have. For Contreras, the Rays would get fifth-ranked prospect Brent Honeywell, seventh-ranked prospect Ronaldo Hernandez, Anthony Banda who's ranked 21 and Austin Franklin who's ranked 29.

The Rays took the Astros to game five in the ALCS to everyone's surprise. The Rays have a strong rotation and bullpen but its the offense that's in need of improvements.

Behind the plate, the Rays currently have Mike Zunino who has immense power and is a good defender but can't hit for a good average and is only under contract for 2020. He also really struggled in 2019 batting well below the Mendoza line which makes it somewhat urgent for the Rays to get a reliable catcher. By getting Contreras, they would also be able to beat out the Astros in the race for him which would be big as they could potentially meet in the playoffs again in 2020 and in the future. The international bonus pool money would also be beneficial as the Rays are known to nab a lot of prospects off the international market.

In this deal, the Cubs would be able to net four prospects and improve their very weak farm system.

Honeywell hasn't pitched since 2017 due to Tommy John surgery but has a career 2.88 E.R.A. in the minors with 101 more strikeouts than hits given up. He also has a primary pitch of a screwball which no pitcher in the major league has. Hernandez can be Contreras' eventual replacement although his ETA isn't until 2021. In his minor league career, he has a slash line of .293/.345/.457 with 373 hits compared to just 191 strikeouts. Banda doesn't have room in the Rays crowded crop of pitchers at the major league level but he would be able to pitch at the majors and stay there with the Cubs. Franklin has a career E.R.A. of 2.91 at the minors.

Toronto Blue Jays

Jays get: Contreras, SP Tyler Chatwood, OF Brennen Davis, P Yovanny Cruz, and P Oscar De La Cruz

Cubs get: RP Ken Giles, C Danny Jansen, P Patrick Murphy, P Hector Perez and $5 million

Last offseason, the Jays and Cubs were potential trade partners in which the Jays would have gotten Tyler Chatwood and the Cubs would have gotten Russell Martin.

Martin ended up being shipped off to the Dodgers but the Jays and Cubs could make a trade this offseason that no one has talked about. The Jays could improve their offense by acquiring Contreras along with Chatwood, Cubs third-ranked prospect outfielder Brennen Davis, and two pitching prospects with the last name Cruz (no relation) in Yovanny (ranked 19) and Oscar (ranked 22). Going to the north side of Chicago would be Ken Giles, Danny Jansen, Jays seventeenth-ranked prospect Patrick Murphy, twenty-second-ranked prospect Hector Perez and $5 million.

The Jays are apparently willing to trade from their catching depth to acquire pitching. They could make the catcher position stronger offensively by acquiring Contreras although the catching position defensively would take a hit.

They would be able to add Chatwood to their rotation that ranked twenty-fourth in the majors last season. Chatwood won't make the rotation any better but he would give the Jays a veteran starter which the Jays lack. The Jays are in need of a center fielder, now and in the future. Davis can be their future center fielder as he excels offensively and is a decent defender at center. Davis has a career minor league slash line of .303/.394/.479 and has an ETA of 2022. The Jays would also be able to net pitching prospects in this deal which they are in need of. Yovanny Cruz has a career minor league E.R.A. of 3.70 with an opponent average of .224 while Oscar De La Cruz has a career minor league E.R.A.

of 3.45 with an opponent average of .231.

If the Cubs were to do this trade, they would get pieces that can help them now and in the future while also getting salary relief. Giles excelled as the closer for the Jays last season posting a 1.87 E.R.A. with 83 strikeouts over 36 hits given up for an opponent average of .188. In Chicago, Giles would be the set-up man behind Kimbrel. Jansen can be Contreras's immediate replacement where he is better defensively than Contreras is but significantly worse offensively. In 2019, Murphy recorded an opponent average of .227 and has a career E.R.A. of 3.33. In Perez's minor league career, he has 508 strikeouts over 364 hits with an opponent average of .220 and an E.R.A.

of 3.57.

This deal would also allow the Cubs to rid themselves of Chatwood's bloated salary of $13 million for the 2020 season while receiving an additional $5 million. This would be beneficial as the Cubs have a lot of high priced players in 2020 in Yu Darvish ($22 million), Jason Heyward ($23 million), Kris Bryant (projected $18.5 million), Jon Lester ($15 million) and others. Also, they would be able to attempt to reach an extension with Danny Jansen and buyout his arbitration years and delay his free agency with something like a six-year, $26 million