Josh Myers and Wyatt Davis will no longer be heading to the NFL next season. They confirmed to their fans that they will make a return to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Both players decided to forego the NFL Draft in favor of another season with the Buckeyes, boosting the strength of the team’s offensive corps. Myers and Davis are sophomores who have only started playing for Buckeyes in their current positions in the past 14 months.

Davis admitted that he was able to submit the needed paperwork to get into the draft. But since he has not received any response to his documents yet, he went on and committed to playing for a new season with his college team.

It is still possible for Davis to change his mind, however. This is especially true if he gets selected as a first-round pick.

Myers, on the other hand, did not send the needed paperwork for his application. While he has the potential to be picked for the draft, it seemed that he preferred to go back to the Buckeyes instead. Myers and Davis announced their continued stint in the Buckeyes a week into the start of the football bowl season. This period is usually an important time for NFL prospects hoping to make a mark on the national stage.

Munford’s potential return

There is also a chance that we will see a return for left tackle Thayer Munford. According to reports, Munford skipped the application process as well.

He could announce his return to the Buckeyes program within the next few days.

If Munford indeed returns, that means the Buckeyes will only have to replace offensive tackle Branden Bowen and offensive guard Jonah Jackson. The two senior players have been firmly placed on the radar of the NFL for some time now.

Josh Myers and Wyatt Davis on the Ohio State Buckeyes

Ever since they became part of the Buckeyes, Davis and Myers have been invaluable members of the team. The redshirt sophomores are key parts of Ohio State’s offensive puzzle, which raises expectations for the Buckeyes’ performance in the next season. Myers, for example, has been hailed as one of the country’s top centers.

Davis also has become a huge star on his own right as right guard.

Ohio State on AP All American team

A significant number of members of the Ohio State team got selected into the Associated Press All-American team this year. Ohio State had the most number of players in the selections announced a week ago. Davis, Jeff Okudah, and Chase Young were selected for the first team while J.K. Dobbins and Justin Fields became included in the second team. Malik Harrison and Jonah Jackson, meanwhile, are part of the third team. The Associated Press publishes one of the most trusted All-America Teams in the country. The hypothetical teams of the country’s best players have been a staple of the publication since 1925.