Most Nebraska football fans are only excited about what's to come from the 2020 class. It's all over Twitter. There are groups of Husker fans that follow the players just to comment on their tweets, especially when they are announcing that they will be committing to Nebraska.

On occasion, a fan of the team will decide he's a better evaluator of talent than the coaches. He or she goes on message boards and talks about how a player shouldn't be getting an offer, or how they shouldn't be allowed to commit to a school like Nebraska.

There are times, as witnessed by a recent tweet from Tamon Lynum, when the fans go directly to the player to voice their displeasure.

Lynum took to the social media platform to address things that have been said to him since he committed to the Huskers.

The negative stuff

Lynum tweeted on Saturday night, "Crazy how people & critics think im a waste of a recruit for Nebraska , I ain't worried though , all the negative stuff thats being said is just motivation for me — Yall going to see nothing more to be said ..."

While the defensive back recruit wasn't specific about who had said these things, he's hinted before about comments directed at him online.

Nebraska football fans who follow the prospect on Twitter were quick to denounce anyone who had said anything like that to or about him. One user pulled no punches in trying to make sure the young player understood the sentiment isn't one felt by all Husker fans.

"I don’t know who has said that. However if from a fake fan, please know we have a few crazies.

The rest of us love our Huskers and support our team. Glad you’re part of the family."

Other users had similar comments, with most calling anyone who had said the things he claimed were said are not "true Husker fans." Others were quick to praise Lynum for the mature attitude he showed by shrugging off the comments and not letting them spoil him on Nebraska football.

Staying loyal

When it comes to staying true to his word, Lynum has been among the most loyal commits in the 2020 class. First giving his word back in June, he was the fourth commit in this class for the Nebraska football team. Quarterback Logan Smothers has been a commit the longest, as he made the call back in 2018.

In April of this year, Turner Corcoran and Zavier Betts pulled the trigger. There was relative silence until June when Tamon Lynum made his call.

His commitment seemingly sparked another little run, where the Huskers nabbed a few more commits in the days and weeks immediately following them.

Recruiting analysts for the big services are unanimous in saying it doesn't appear the 3-star defensive back has wavered in his commitment to the Nebraska football team.