Nebraska football just completed its third straight losing season. Husker fans have spent most of the last couple of weeks arguing about the direction of the program in light of a last-second loss that sent the Cornhuskers home for another postseason.

One direction that has been pitched more than once, is that there should be changes on the coaching staff. So far, the program hasn't moved in that direction.

Other fans have been talking about the chance of certain players moving on. Nebraska football fans aren't the only ones talking about that chance.

One Minnesota fan claims he's heard rumors that JD Spielman could be moving on. He also said he's quite happy that the rumors he's been hearing have started seeping into the Husker fan base.

Spielman had thought about transferring before

While the wide receiver is thought of as one of the most loyal Nebraska football players by the fan base, there was a time when he thought about leaving, officially. The receiver played his freshman season under former head coach Mike Riley.

In that season, he teamed up with Morgan Stanley to be a bright spot in an otherwise dark season. He compiled 55 catches for 830 yards and two touchdowns.

After Mike Riley was fired, both Spielman and Morgan were reportedly thinking about moving on from the program.

Both ended up being convinced to stick around and they once again teamed up in 2018 to be the stars of the offense.

In his sophomore year, Spielman caught a career-high 66 passes for 818 yards and six touchdowns. This year, entering the season as the number one target for Adrian Martinez, he saw his catches sink to a career-low 49 receptions.

He also had five touchdowns and a career-high 897 yards.

JD Spielman is part of a new generation of Nebraska football players that have never known a winning season. That's something that hasn't been said for decades.

Some Husker fans have claimed that losing might have had a negative effect on the receiver and that he might indeed be looking to move on.

Minnesota Golden Gophers' fan Ben Dawson isn't a Cornhuskers fan, but he does claim he's heard the same talk. He also made it clear he's plenty happy to hear that sort of thing. Of note is that JD Spielman hails from Minnesota. Other Minnesota fans responded to Dawson, expressing excitement at the possibility of the Husker receiver becoming a Gopher.

Nebraska football players on the move

While JD Spielman hasn't made a move into the transfer portal, a couple of his teammates have. Andrew Bunch and Isaiah Stalbird are both looking to transfer. Analysts and reporters who cover the team have said they expect more attrition. The Nebraska football fanbase will have to wait and see if JD Spielman is indeed one of them.