Nebraska football lost to one rival on Black Friday when it was downed 27-24 by a last-second field goal. A few days later, a rival school that doesn't even have a football team attempted to trash talk the Huskers about the loss.

The Creighton Twitter account affiliated with Barstool Sports posted a video of Husker tight end Jack Stoll falling down after an Iowa defender came across the line of scrimmage prematurely during a play in that game. Barstool Jays included the caption "It's almost like you want people to make fun of your sh--- school."

The intent was, clearly, to make fun of Stoll, who fell over a few seconds after the Iowa defender made contact with him.

The Barstool Jays account clearly wanted to claim that this was a play that Nebraska football fans should be ashamed of.

What the account seems to have missed is that the Iowa defender was committing a penalty in that play. Stoll fell over backward after contact was made in order to make sure the referees saw the false start by Iowa and threw a flag. In the end, Stoll's performance netted Nebraska an extra five yards and those yards led to a first down.

Nebraska football fans quick to react

The first response to Barstool Jays' post was the Nebraska account also affiliated with Barstool.

Barstool 'Skers pointed out exactly what people were seeing in the video. "Thanks for thinking of us today," the account responded. "This play actually resulted in a first down for us because the D-Lineman jumped offsides. I know you guys don’t have a football team though so I wouldn’t expect you to know that."

Others were quick to agree that Creighton does not have a football game, and they then found it odd they were weighing in at all.

One person asked whether or not the Creighton account even knows what "offsides" is. Other fans pointed out that the attack seemed rather odd since most Creighton fans are Nebraska football fans.

The two fanbases tend to do battle when it comes to basketball because the schools face off every year but sports fans, who support Creighton, tend to follow Nebraska when it comes to football since, once again, the Jays don't have a team.

Penalties become the issue

While most Nebraska football fans were busy explaining why Barstool Jays should have never weighed in on the issue, others took the conversation into a broader discussion about the lack of penalties called on Iowa during the game.

As a result of a game that ended with a field goal, as time expired, Husker fans voiced their displeasure about plays they felt turned the tide of the contest. Still, most of the comments in the Twitter thread had to do with dislike of the Creighton account writing about football at all.