Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost has come under fire since the team lost its season opener on Friday. Among the loudest voices ripping into him on Saturday morning was a former Husker star.

Tommie Frazier voiced his displeasure with the direction of the program on Twitter the day after the game. "I will not comment on Nebraska football again until they make a bowl. It's obvious that people believe in someone that can't get it done. Those players played their a--- off yesterday."

The comment about "believing in someone who can't get it done" was clearly aimed at Cornhusker fans who have repeatedly voiced their support for Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost.

The comments on Saturday morning were far from the first Frazier has made that were critical of the team.

This was the first time the Nebraska football Hall-Of-Famer came out and said he believed Frost couldn't get it done. At other times during the season, he's voiced support for the rebuilding process taking longer than some fans wanted.

Nebraska football vs Iowa was the final straw

After a rough start by the Cornhuskers against Iowa, Frazier tweeted out several comments showing his frustration. One, a now-deleted tweet said the team lacked any fight. it appears he deleted that tweet after the team fought back from being down 24-10 to tie the game late in the third quarter.

After the game ended with Iowa kicking a last-second field goal to win 27-24, Frazier tweeted out: "You don't deserve to go to a bowl game when you lose 4 home games.

Protect your back yard."

That tweet drew quite a few comments about how the play calling, both on offense and defense were disliked by Husker fans. After dwelling on the game for several hours, Frazier sent out his tweet about how he didn't believe Scott Frost was able to get it done.

Backlash to the tweet

It's clear that when Frazier called out the head coach of the Nebraska football team, fans were not pleased.

One user responded "I hate that your Twitter presence has made me hate one of my childhood heroes. I think it’s a great idea for you to shut up for a while." Another user brought up Frazier's coaching career at Doane, where he failed to post a winning record before being fired.

"Just like you at's year two, his first at a big-time program.

He doesn't need an extension though. 7 years should be long enough to see where this goes..."

The angry responses to Frazier didn't seem to bother him all that much. A few hours after he blasted the Nebraska football team's coaching staff he went back on Twitter with a message to his "haters." "I love all my haters that follow my account. You are the ones that keep me going. So I say this to you Thank you.