A woman the Nebraska football program knows well says she recently had her life threatened. Brenda Tracy, who has spent the last several years touring the country talking to college athletes, says someone wants her to stop.

She took to Twitter earlier this week to divulge she recently received a threatening letter. The letter claimed the sender was going to kill her and put the white powder in the envelope purported to be Anthrax.

"Today my life was threatened. Someone sent a letter to my home that said “it’s time to die c---. If this anthrax doesn’t kill you my AR will.” When I looked at my hands there was a white powdery substance on them.

I called 911 immediately & they instructed my family and I to go outside," she said on the social media site.

Brenda Tracy's long night

Tracy continued that after she went outside, she found herself standing in 30-degree weather. She was instructed not to touch anyone or anything. She also had to keep her distance from her family. Meanwhile, her neighbors were all coming out to see what was going on, as first responders and hazmat teams pulled up to her home.

She said it took several hours for authorities to determine the powder was not Anthrax. Despite that particular false alarm, they have determined the threat itself is credible and have opened an FBI investigation. While there has been a backlash against what Tracy has been doing for the last few years (advocating for rape and sexual assault victims) this appears to be the first time someone has gone this far in a threat against her.

Nebraska football ties

Brenda Tracy's start as an advocate dates back to her days at Oregon State. Those days intersect with when former Husker head coach Mike Riley was the head man for the Beavers. During their time there, Tracy says she was raped by a number of his players.

At the time, Riley was dismissive of the charges and he and Tracy were adversaries.

Eventually, he saw the error of his ways and the pair became friends. He decided it was a good idea for Tracy to come and talk to his teams about her experience.

That included coming and talking to his Nebraska football team shortly after he took over. Back in 2016, she did come to Lincoln. She didn't hold back when she talked about what she had gone through. Tracy says she told the team there was a point where she hated the former Husker coach. “You could literally see the whole room turn and look at Coach Riley. … It was intense. I saw them all look. I could feel it. Not too long after that, I started talking about the idea that he didn’t have to bring me here," she told a group of reporters after that day.

Now Brenda Tracy is dealing with someone who hates her to the point they're sending death threats. It's unclear what exactly the motivations behind those threats are.