While the Nebraska football season limps to the finish line, it might be important to note one thing. There are still writers all over the country that have a legitimate love for the Husker fan base.

That love was laid out by one Penn State writer in the Altoona Mirror. The writer, Neil Rudel, laid out how much he enjoyed the rivalries in the Big Ten.

He took a look at those rivalries from the viewpoint of someone who travels quite a bit and has spent plenty of time in opponents' stadiums. When all was said and done, Rudel had an obvious favorite, and that was the Nebraska football team.

Loving on the Huskers

Rudel started his reasoning behind his love of Nebraska by comparing it to Penn State. "It has as much in common with Penn State as any other team in the Big Ten in that Lincoln is a neat college town (albeit with not the easiest travel access, like PSU) and also boasts a proud and accomplished tradition recognizing the Cornhuskers’ national championships."

He added that PSU and Nebraska have the fact they left their more familiar homes to join the Big Ten (mainly for money). He then went on to explain that in his experiences, Nebraska's fans are the classiest in the entire conference.

"I had heard about their graciousness before but was still stunned and impressed to see them form a tunnel to the visitors’ tunnel to applaud their guests.

I have only seen Penn State lose in Lincoln several times, but I’m told the fans do the same after the Cornhuskers suffer a home defeat."

Rudel added he heard there were Cornhusker fans who actually traveled to the Lincoln airport to welcome the Ohio State Buckeyes to town. It isn't the first time a reporter has talked about those airport greetings, though Rudel called it "above and beyond the call."

Penn State vs Nebraska football history

When the Huskers joined the Big Ten, there was plenty of excitement about getting to play the Nittany Lions more often.

That hasn't really come to pass. The two teams did square off the first three years the Huskers were in the Big Ten The first matchup between the two sides marked one of the first games Penn State played after revelations about former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky came to light. Nebraska won all three games when they joined the conference but has played just once since the end of the 2013 season.

That game, a 56-44 loss in 2017, was widely considered the final nail in Mike Riley's coffin as head coach for Nebraska football.

The Huskers will reopen the series (which they currently lead 9-8) against Penn State next year in Lincoln. They will then go another four years before they take on PSU again. Such is the way things pan out in a conference with two divisions.