Nebraska football fans, coaches and players were all looking for answers after the team's latest loss. The Huskers dropped a 34-7 game against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

The key reason for the loss, besides an ineffective offense, was a Blackshirts defense that allowed more than 200 yards on the ground. While fans of the program, that fell to 4-3 on the year were lashing out on social media, not all players were taking the ranting silently.

After 247Sports columnist Mike Schaefer posted on Twitter about how the Nebraska football defense got pushed around, one particular fan took aim at defensive tackle Darrion Daniels.

The fan, who goes by the user name, Peltonious wrote, "Darrion Daniels is a teddy bear." On Sunday afternoon, the player in question saw the comment and had one of his own in response.

"So you’re masters in environmental engineering gives you the credibility to voice your opinion on football huh? See me in a 1v1 and show me how to be “tough” since you know so much about it"

Nebraska football fan gets called out

It's not clear whether or not Daniels knows this particular fan or whether his "environmental engineering" quip was just a random selection for a degree but judging by reactions from fans on Twitter, the insult hit home.

Several users came to Daniels's defense. One responded, "Dude, ignore it. You could play the best game of your career and there will still be haters in one way or another. Use it but realize Husker nation got your back."

Some Oklahoma State fans even entered the fray, talking about how he hadn't had this kind of comment coming at him when he played for the Cowboys.

"Oklahoma State fans appreciated you more! Just saying."

Daniels having a career year

it should be pointed out Darrion Daniels stats in his first and only season with Nebraska football is already the best of his career. Through just seven games, Daniels has racked up 27 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Both of those numbers are already career highs.

He's got at least six more games to play this year. Against Minnesota, Daniels had six total tackles, including three solo takedowns. He didn't get himself a sack, mainly because Minnesota didn't throw the ball all that much.

The defensive line didn't have a standout performance against Minnesota. It doesn't appear the many voices that we're searching for answers landed on Daniels as the reason the Nebraska football team couldn't stop the Gophers from running for hundreds of yards.

The loss comes a week before the Huskers have the weekend off. Frost and the coaching staff said after the loss they'll spend the time off picking up the pieces and looking for answers before they kick things off in two weeks against the Indiana Hoosiers.