Yadier Molina has had a pretty good 2019 season. That's despite the fact that he's missed quite a bit of time. What Yadier Molina hasn't done, according to baseball experts is put together an MVP type season.

That hasn't deterred some St. Louis Cardinals fans from making the pitch for him anyway. One particular fan is so convinced that winning is the key ingredient in the Most Valuable Player race that he thinks Molina would win the MVP award over Mike Trout.

While Molina is having a solid season when you compare his numbers to his career stats, it's nothing compared to Trout.

The Angels outfielder has continued to show why he is considered the best player in all of baseball in 2019. This despite the fact that his team struggled and recently dismissed its manager.

Molina slashed .270/.312/.399 in 2019. For a catcher in his 16th major-league season, those are considered acceptably decent stats. He's posted a 1.3 Wins above Replacement score this season. Compared to Mike Trout, the St. Louis Cardinals' catcher's numbers are quite inferior.

Trout dominates baseball

In some regards, 2019 was a bit of a down year compared to what Mike Trout has pulled off in recent seasons. This year, he slashed .291/.438/.645 and led the league in on-base percentage. That .438 number is actually down from last year when he was reaching base nearly 50 percent of the time.

He also hit over .300 in 2018.

One place where Trout excelled was home runs. He hit a career-high 45 this season. He did that while scoring 110 runs and driving in 104. He also stole 11 bases. In total, Trout posted an 8.3 Wins above Replacement. That means he was responsible for a full seven wins more than Molina. Still, one Cardinals fan thinks St.

Louis making the playoffs means he should win the MVP.

Real men want winners

The Cardinals fan, Brett Lincoln, made his case for why he believes Molina should win the MVP saying, "Yadi is ahead of Trout in MVP. Yadi is headed to the playoffs (again) and Trout is headed home (once again).

Not much 'value' in losing. The object of baseball is to win the game, not make entertaining regular season stats."

Lincoln was replied to by one MLB reporter, Mike Petriello, saying Lincoln's comments were "hilariously absurd." Lincoln then went on to further make his case, saying Molina, in the playoffs, means he's the MVP.

Fans, especially Chicago Cubs fans were quick to make fun of Lincoln.

Other fans simply wanted to make sure Lincoln knew they were laughing at him.

Perhaps the best burn, of the St.

Louis Cardinals fan, was when it was pointed out how the regular season ended. In the final game of the year, the Cardinals' catcher was struck out by none other than Ben Zobrist, a position player.