Nebraska football's big game against Colorado draws ever closer. The pressure for both schools is only increasing. That's especially true when talking about the fanbases.

In what is likely the biggest and most important home game of the season for Colorado, there are quite a few people in Boulder who are worried it's going to look like a home game for the Cornhuskers.

The school has been talking about a "red out" for months now. CU has made it very clear they do not want any tickets sold to Nebraska football fans.

The problem there is, Husker fans find a way.

The fanbase is famously one that travels quite well. Every school that hosts them is prepared to deal with a loud and energetic crowd from all over the country.

CU has tried its best to stop that traveling fanbase from coming to town. Nebraska football fans, on the other hand, have been pulling out all the stops to get tickets.

The art of deception

More than a few fans have reported pulling all kinds of hijinks in order to get Colorado fans to sell them tickets. The trick used most often is simply pretending to be Colorado fans right up until the tickets change hands.

The undercover operations to make sure there are plenty of Nebraska football fans are in Boulder has continued unabated. Earlier this week, one Nebraska football told the rather funny tale of how his friend managed to score a large group of tickets directly from the school.

"My neighbor called the CU ticket office and told them he had a workgroup he wanted to bring to the CU Nebraska game. Told them he needed 40 tickets. They took his payment and said, “there won’t be any Nebraska fans with you, right?" The Twitter user, Brooks O'Hearn finished the story by explaining that everyone getting those 40 tickets was, in fact, Husker fans.

Some Nebraska fans rub it in

For some fans, managing to get Colorado backers to sell their tickets to those who will be sporting red and white on Saturday is only part of the game. Some fans have taken great joy in letting sellers know they've been had. Such is the story of Chris Bohnenkamp.

"Just bought 2 tix to the Nebraska game from a CU fan, once I got the tix in my hand, I looked him dead in the eyes and said GOOOOO BIG RED!!

He said, “oh no you’re a Nebraska fan?!"

For the most part, Nebraska football fans have been bragging about their exploits, but there have certainly been some who have wanted Colorado fans to know right away they've been taken. All of this will make for a very interesting mix when the game kicks off on Saturday afternoon.

Can the Huskers reward their fans with a big win? A revenge win after being beaten in Lincoln last season? The tens of thousands of Nebraska football fans expected to be in attendance are certainly hoping it wasn't all for naught.