There is little doubt that both the Nebraska football and Colorado Buffaloes are more than ready for a clash on Saturday. There is also very little doubt that some members of the two fan bases are going above and beyond to support their schools.

One idea, pitched by the official Twitter account of Colorado's mascot, Chip the Buffalo had CU fans quite revved up. It also had Husker fans wondering if the time and energy might have been better spent elsewhere.

The natural progression of not wearing red

Earlier this week, Colorado players talked about how students would glare at them when they wore red on campus.

The obvious statement there is, the players were not to wear Nebraska football colors.

On Tuesday, Chip's Twitter account took it one step further. The idea is for Colorado fans to take any use of the letter 'n' out of their Twitter profile. The account demonstrated this in their message making the request. They replaced any mention of 'n' with a heart.

Not wearing red was also pointed to yet again.

It's clear CU is trying to drum up the rivalry between the Buffs and Nebraska football team one more time. After CU beat the Huskers last year in Lincoln, the two teams square off on Saturday. That will be the last time the two squads face off until 2023.

While it appears Chip the Buffalo feels as though avoiding using 'n' is taking some kind of stand, it appears most Nebraska fans who have stumbled upon the post just found the request amusing.

Better use of time

One particular Twitter user appears to have come up with the best burn of the entire thread discussing the movement.

"Feel like it would have been easier to just attend your home game..."

This is, of course, a reference to another request members of Colorado's administration have made. The AD and school's president have made it clear they do not want a fan base that travels quite well, filling Folsom field.

The worry has been that Colorado has had a problem selling out its own stadium. At times, Nebraska football fans have taken advantage of these kinds of situations by buying up those unsold tickets and turning a road game, into a home away from home game.

The game against Colorado has especially been one Nebraska football fans are hoping to invade and turn into a "red out." The efforts have been met with a back and forth between the two sides.

There were certainly some Colorado Buffaloes fans who have attempted to honor Chip's wishes, to varying degrees of success. Some were able to come up with the entire fight song with hearts where a certain letter should be.

This particular movement is one that won't have any kind of effect on the game on Saturday. It will certainly help find the fans who have a bone to pick with the Nebraska football team heading into the showdown.