Nebraska football fans will do anything to ruin Colorado's day on September 7. That apparently includes going to some pretty impressive lengths to secure tickets to the game.

One Husker fan posted just how far he went in order to get tickets to the contest in Boulder. Those lengths included posing as a CU alum and faking his area code.

Those steps were needed because Colorado has been working overtime to try and keep Husker fans out of the stadium. The Buffaloes know how well Cornhusker fans travel. They also know that years of less than stellar football means a sellout is far from a sure thing.

In past games like this, Nebraska football fans have been more than happy to buy up the home team's allocation of tickets. The ending result has been a stadium packed with fans wearing red and white.

That rather unfortunate development has two negative effects. The first is that the Huskers end up nearly playing a home game on the road. It also looks bad for the actual home team, who appears on television with half the stadium very obviously the visiting fanbase.

Husker fan pulls a fast one

Knowing all of this, Colorado has made it very clear they do not want their season ticket holders selling to Nebraska football fans. They've gone so far in announcing this that the Cornhusker faithful has made a kind of game out of getting tickets anyway.

Chris Phelan is just the latest fan to tell how he managed to get tickets away from an unsuspecting Colorado fan.

Phelan said his plan started when he saw a Craigslist advertisement that was looking to sell but said specifically would not sell to Nebraska football supporters.

Phelan went "undercover" by downloading an app that would make it look as though he was contacting the seller from a Denver area code. Then when the Nebraska football supporter was able to make contact he talked about the fact that his wife was a CU alum from 2010.

This was apparently enough to convince the seller he was on the up and up and wasn't really rooting for the Cornhuskers. Phelan then sent a friend to the meetup after they agreed on a price and the deed was done.

In order to prove this wasn't all a made-up story, the Nebraska football caper came complete with pictures of the email exchange and the tickets.

CU gets rebuffed

Stories like this one have been popping up over the last few months. though this one appears to be more in-depth than others. Considering the Buffaloes have been talking about wanting to beat Nebraska football recruiting, it doesn't bode well that they can't even keep the fanbase out of Folsom Field. All of this, of course, is for naught if the Cornhuskers cannot win the game.

If they are able to pull off the victory, it would be a measure of revenge as the Buffs were able to come to Memorial stadium last year and leave Lincoln with a victory.