Just 10 days ago, the Nebraska football hype was so loud there was talk of them being outside contenders for the College football playoff. Just three days ago, there were people who still thought they could finish in the Top 10 this season.

Two days removed from blowing a 17-0 3rd quarter lead, the Huskers are now expected to miss a bowl game for the third consecutive season. This weekend, ESPN analyst Bill Connelly update his bowl eligibility odds and Nebraska football boast just a 40 percent chance of winning six games.

That's the bad news. The worse news is just how far they fell when it came to those odds.

Nebraska football among the biggest movers

Running down the list of biggest changes from post-week 1 to post-week 2, the dire circumstances of losing a game they seemingly had in the bag was underlined. Entering the game against Colorado, the Cornhuskers had a 79 percent chance of going to a bowl game.

Nebraska football now sits at just 40 percent to make one, thanks in large part to their losing a non-conference game they should have won. ESPN's FPI isn't any friendlier and lays out exactly why the team is now considered on the cusp of suffering yet another Bowl season at home.

Sitting at 1-1, the Football Power Index sees a rough road to five more wins. The Huskers are favored to beat Northern Illinois (82.8 percent) and Illinois (62 percent).

They are also favorted to beat Northwestern (67.5 percent) and Indiana (58.1). Not only isn't Nebraska not favored to beat any other football teams, but also the only other game close to a tossup is Purdue (49.4 percent chance of winning)

Nebraska is now given almost no chance of beating Ohio State (19.9), Minnesota (33.6), Wisconsin (24.6), Maryland (18.8) or Iowa (34.2).

In good company

If it makes Husker fans feel any betters, their team isn't the only traditional power that having a tough start to 2019. Tennessee is too. The Volunteers replaced their head coach the same year Nebraska did and he had similar lofty expectations for his second season.

Instead, the Vols are 0-2 after losses to Georgia State and BYU.

The loss this weekend pushed the Volunteers from a 70 percent chance of making a bowl, to just eight percent. West Virginia was dismantled by Missouri on Saturday, and their odds dropped from 62 percent to 10 percent. The Stanford Cardinal and South Carolina Gamecocks also have an even worse chance of making a bowl. Stanford sits at just 36 percent and South Carolina is just 34 percent.

Interestingly enough, Nebraska football's conference opener, Illinois, has a very good chance of making a bowl game this year (57 percent). The Huskers will be looking to do their part to put a dent in those chances in two weeks.