There have been lots of articles written in the last weeks and months about the hatred surrounding the Nebraska football team's rivalry with Colorado.

None of them touched on the apparent hatred, or at least anger that some Colorado players have for Nebraska fans. At issue is a situation that occurred in the contest between the two teams last year.

Jacob Callier, a defensive player for the Buffaloes tackled Adrian Martinez in a way that caused the Huskers' quarterback injury. That injury led to him missing a few games and played a big part in NU's posting a second consecutive 4-8 season.

More than a few Nebraska football fans believe the injury was intentional. Callier has been taking fire from Husker fans ever since. Now one Colorado player is firing back at fans on social media, calling them cowards, who don't understand the situation Callier was in, because they never played the game.

'You just make mistakes sometimes'

Buffaloes' center Tim Lynott is speaking up for Callier, telling the Denver Post fans simply don't understand the situation and they likely never will. The center pointed to the fact that adrenaline gets the best of players every now and then. He said the players in those situations don't realize what they are doing, or that they might be doing something wrong.

He went on and took a bit of a shot at the Nebraska fans who have been tweeting at Callier over the last year. When talking about fans that have been tweeting at Callier over the past 12 months, he told the paper they should keep their mouth shut, unless they want to say it to someone's face. He added he knew those fans won't.

It's the "which I know they're not going to" that is likely to stand out in the ever-escalating war of words between the two universities. If that doesn't get Husker fans riled up, his next statement likely will.

“Honestly, for my part, they’re cowards for that,” the Buffaloes' center said. “That’s just my own take on it.

But they’ve never been in that situation, so I don’t expect them to know what they’re talking about."

Hatred grows towards Nebraska football fans

While there has been a lot of talk, back and forth, between the Cornhuskers and Buffs, it's largely been among the players and coaches. Fans inserting themselves into the conversations is nothing new. That's especially the case with social media.

As a general rule, the players either don't engage at all, or they do it in a lighthearted way.

That's not to say there aren't some situations where the exchanges get a bit testier.

Usually, you don't see a player calling large swaths of the opposing fan bases "cowards." Even if they deserve it.

This development only puts a little more on the line come Saturday. This is the last chance to "settle things on the field" until 2023.