Carli Lloyd has amassed a remarkable Soccer career. Lloyd is most famous for her work on the U.S. Women's National Team. Among her highlights include scoring from midfield in 2015 World Cup Final. She has also played collegiately and for several professional teams. For the most part, her professional career has been in the United States. But she did briefly play for an English team.

Lloyd's opportunities may be spreading beyond traditional football into American football. And Lloyd is reportedly interested.

At least two teams have apparently contacted her

Lloyd recently visited a Philadelphia Eagles practice. She was invited to attempt a couple of field goals. As WUSA reports, she made a 55-yard attempt with ease. She also hit on a 40-yard attempt.

And according to Lloyd's trainer, James Galanis, teams took notice. He said that Lloyd had conversations with the head coach of one team and the general manager of another. Furthermore, one of the teams offered her a roster spot for its upcoming final pre-season game.

But Lloyd is to be in Portugal for a soccer friendly during the same time. Galanis also indicated that Lloyd probably wouldn't have accepted the offer anyway. The reasoning would be that there would've been so little prep time.

But they wanted her to contact them if she would seriously consider playing in the NFL.

In the past, Lloyd has been supportive of the idea of women kicking in the NFL. As she put it, 'There's no reason why a woman could not do this.' CNN reports that former Dallas Cowboys executive Gil Brandt expects it to happen soon. He said he thinks it wouldn't 'be long before we see a woman break through this NFL barrier.' If so, there would in all likelihood be added safety concerns.

Realistically, a female NFL player is likely to be much smaller than many of the other players on the field. Although also realistically, placekickers are usually smaller anyways.

She would be the first female NFL player

No woman has yet to appear as a player in an NFL game. There have been women in various other roles. They include game officials, front office personnel and coaches.

There have also been women in high levels of collegiate football. Most prominently, Ashley Martin for Jacksonville State University and Katie Hnida for the University of New Mexico.

Men's and women's sports have for the most part been separated. There have been some moments in American sports where things became more integrated. Two women have been drafted by NBA teams, though one of the selections was voided.

During the 1990s female goalie, Manon Rheaume played in two pre-season games with the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning. She would play full-time in several other male-dominated leagues.