When Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes officially announced his new cereal, he likely didn't realize it was going to be as popular as it is. Available only in the team's home region, Mahomes Magic Crunch is selling for hundreds of dollars a case on sites like eBay.

ESPN is reporting that the cereal is selling for as much as $315 on eBay for a 12-pack and over $30 per box of Magic Crunch. All of this comes despite the fact that the quarterback himself hasn't even tried the breakfast food.

"But I'm excited for it," the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback told ESPN.

"I'm excited for everything that it's kind of doing. It's helping out my foundation, and now the fans are going out and buying it, so I appreciate all of them."

Mahomes needs to move quick

If the quarterback is going to actually sample the cereal that is in honor of him, he's going to need to make some purchases soon. While he's not the only athlete to have this kind of food produced, they usually don't sell quite this quick. Of course, if he's unable to sample the cereal, he still wins big.

That's because the quarterback has said that any proceeds that are made from the sales at area grocery stores are going to Mahomes' charity. He is more than a little happy about the way things are going in a lot of different ways.

The quarterback has said that he's seen how much the cereal is selling. People are posting that they are going to get as many boxes as they can. It seems likely that at least some of the people who are buying Magic Crunch are actually eating it. Others, like those on eBay, are clearly just looking to make money by selling a collectible.

It's likely Mahomes doesn't really care why people are making their purchases, they're just glad the money is coming in and going the right way.

Chiefs' positivity train rolls on

The popularity of Magic Crunch can be directly tied back to just how happy KC fans are with their team these days. Mahomes came out and had the kind of rookie season that happens once in a generation in the NFL.

He took the squad to the AFC Championship and was yards away from making the Super Bowl.

He did all that with a defense that was one of the most porous in the league. This year, the defense is supposed to be greatly improved and people wonder if this might be the year they finally win the Super Bowl again. Should fans of the team own a box of Magic Crunch that is from the same year the Kansas City Chiefs finally won another championship, it would obviously be one heck of a keepsake. Even if the cereal itself will not be edible by the time they finally do it. Either way, it's a safe bet Pat Mahomes is going to be smiling broadly about the success he's having on and off the field.