Since the Nebraska football team came to the Big Ten, there have been fans who have been lamenting the lack of a real rival. Coming from an era where Nebraska-Oklahoma was must-watch television for any college football fan, there was a bit of a void on the schedule.

Since the Huskers have made themselves at home in the Big Ten, there has been one rivalry that has popped up rather naturally. The Hawkeyes and Cornhuskers have a lot going for any kind of rivalry. They share a border and a division. Both schools seem to have a personal problem with each other.

Some Iowa fans have even gone out of their way to needle the Nebraska football team in order to get them to admit, there really is a rivalry. Sometimes that needling was even talking about the fact that the two weren't rivals as a kind of elementary school way of trying to get Husker fans to say "uh-huh!"

One Iowa fan more than wants a Nebraska football rivalry, he needs it

On Iowa Hawkeyes site, Dear Old Gold one writer wanted to make sure that people understand that a rivalry between Iowa and Nebraska is not only good for the Big 10 but also good for the college football world.

The writer, Ryan Sikes, points out that the two going head to head isn't just about results on the field. The schools are also going up against one another in recruiting.

He pointed to the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama as an example.

Iowa and Nebraska football aren't in the same state like 'Bama and Auburn, but they're close enough. The two schools have had plenty of recruits they've both been going after. Noah Fant, a tight end from the Huskers' back yard was one of the better gets for the Hawkeyes.

In recent years, the Cornhuskers have returned the favor by grabbing some players from Iowa since Scott Frost arrived in Lincoln.

Big Ten West wide open

While Nebraska football fans aren't willing to let the Hawkeyes take the place of Oklahoma in their hearts. There is an argument to be made that allowing Iowa to slide into that role will be good for their program as well.

When there is a truly hated opponent on the schedule every year, it's going to get eyes on both teams nationally. There is a reason why Nebraska-Oklahoma was "must watch" for fans all over the country.

When the Big 10 division is wide open, the Huskers should expect to compete for the title every year. Iowa already does. Certainly, Wisconsin is going to be in the mix as well but the Nebraska football team should be squaring off near or at the end of the regular season with Iowa for the West title. Every year showdowns like this are bound to actually forge a rivalry and as the Dear Old Gold writer correctly points out, that's also good for the rest of the college football world.