Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has admitted to grappling with what he thinks is CTE. Because of that admission, fans of who the man was during his playing days might want to take his recent Twitter rant with a grain of salt. On Thursday morning, Johnson took to the social media site to voice his opposition to a widespread "Effeminate Agenda."

In his rant against this supposed agenda, he blamed among others, the Masons:

After saying the reason he's the one talking about it is that no one else is "ready to have the conversation," he laid out his case.

Among the reasons he believes this is occurring in the NBA is because players are putting on "fashion shows" before the games.

He also said the softening of the NBA is occurring because everyone wants to be a three-point shooter. Finally, he believes those athletes' body types are being made to look less masculine.

Antonio Brown gets a special shoutout

Once he was done detailing why the NBA was catering to the Masons and the LGBTQ agenda, he turned his attention to the NFL. The former Kansas City Chiefs star believes that players throwing fits about things like what helmet they can wear is part of this agenda ... for some reason.

This would appear to be a direct shot at Oakland Raiders' player Antonio Bryant who missed most of the NFL's preseason while he fought with the league over his helmet.

According to Larry Johnson, this is "feminine" behavior. Johnson once again pointed to the "fashion show" going on before the games. This is when the players are getting off the bus dressed in suits and more fancy clothing as they head to the locker room.

Johnson ended his initial rant by pointing out that in October, teams will use pink jerseys.

The NFL has said this is in order to pay tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness. Johnson believes that since October is LGBTQ History Month, that is the real reason for what is, apparently (in his view), a feminine color.

Sad slide for former Kansas City Chief

While some Twitter users reacted with fury over the homophobic rant, others voiced their concern that his mental health seems to be slipping.

Two years ago, Johnson sat down with the Washington Post to talk about his problems.

The former Chief, Bengal, Dolphin and Washington Redskin absolutely believes he's got CTE. The problem is that's a disorder still only provable after death. Still, the former running back says his anxiety, paranoia, the occasional self-destructive impulse — are consistent with those of past victims and symptoms known to occur in NFL players.

Over the course of his career, Johnson rushed for more than 6,000 yards for the Kansas City Chiefs. That includes back-to-back seasons of more than 1,700 yards in 2005 and 2006. When injuries took their toll, they took their toll hard. By 2009, Johnson was splitting time with the Chiefs and Bengals. In 2010 he appeared in two games for the Redkins and in 2011 he had one carry in one game for the Dolphins.