Tyreek Hill is in a spot of hot water yet again. This time, the Kansas City Chiefs star is taking heat for the way he conducted himself in a recent press conference. According to one reporter who routinely covers the team, Hill's attitude towards another reporter, Brooke Pryor was more than a little rude.

Ryan Marshall tweeted out a video of Hill talking to the media that started out with a thank you to the player for the way he's conducted himself since coming back. Marshall then added that his behavior when he was asked a question from Pryor was "intimidation and bullying."

"Thanks @cheetah for your candidness discussing your situation over the past few months.

You handled the presser w/ grace & class EXCEPT for when @bepryor asked you a question and you asked her name followed by a side-eye on national tv. That's bullying & reporter intimidation." Cheetah, in this particular situation, is Tyreek Hill and his Twitter username.

Kansas City reporter explains why he said what he did

In a subsequent tweet, Marshall expounded on what was bound to be a pretty inflammatory tweet.

"As reporters, we don't always get it right but we're human beings just like you w/ feelings and emotions. I get that you've gone through the roller coaster of emotions. But, we're all trying to earn a living too. You're my brother. But, I had to say something. That wasn't right."

As most Kansas City Chiefs fans might expect, the response on social media was rather fast and largely negative.

Most people seemed to think Pryor didn't have much of a right to be asking Tyreek Hill questions at all.

Those claims stem from the fact that many Chiefs fans, and perhaps Hill himself believe Pryor was one of those reporters that jumped the gun on claiming Hill had abused his young son. Law enforcement officials have since said they couldn't find enough evidence of that to continue an investigation.

Weeks after that announcement, the NFL fully cleared the receiver to play the entire season, unencumbered.

More than a few people have been a bit upset by the decision by the NFL. Many feel as though he should have been suspended for at least a bit. Perhaps Hill believes Pryor is one of those people.

Tyreek Hill the lightning rod

One question that has to be asked, is whether or not this kind of thing would pop up if Hill wasn't already someone who seems to be followed by trouble. Most who saw the exchange didn't believe what the Kansas City Chiefs player was all that bad. It certainly wasn't something many fans thought counted as "intimidation" or bullying. Players sometimes simply have a problem with a question or reporter and they aren't not called out for what Hill did.