The Nebraska football team is hopeful when it comes to the state of Oklahoma these days. There's the four-star running back that has been a commit to the Sooners for two years, who is now starting to take official visits to other schools. Then, there's Sevion Morrison.

The Edison, Oklahoma running back isn't quite as highly rated in the 2020 class, but he's plenty talented. After taking an official visit last month, it appears the Nebraska football team has started to worm its way into his heart.

That is at least the opinion of one 247Sports analyst who believes the Huskers will be Morrison's final landing spot.

Nebraska football pulls even

Brandon Drumm, who is a writer with OUInsider, the official Oklahoma 247Sports site, believes that while Oklahoma is still very much in the running for Morrison, it's the Cornhuskers that have taken the lead. Drumm has said this by posting a "crystal ball" for the Huskers.

The crystal balls is a kind of indirect way for 247Sports analysts to make a statement on where they believe recruits are going to go. The vote for the Nebraska football team is the first time that any of these analysts have come out and pointed towards Lincoln as the place where Morrison will play.

Part of the reason for that is because the running back has played it pretty close to the vest. The first crystal ball cast was by Demetric Warren of

He believed, back in December of 2018 that the 3-star back would be going to Oklahoma. In June and July of this year, two more crystal balls of sorts were posted by a couple of Arkansas Razorbacks experts.

Both of those votes were the equivalent of a shoulder shrug, as they were both question marks. On Sunday afternoon, Drumm gave the first definitive crystal ball since October.

Good news for the Huskers

It's important to note that not all prognostications are the same. Where Sevion Morrison was leaning, or thought to be leaning in October only comes into play as "background" at this point. Certainly the Sooners have a very good shot at the running back, but it's hard not to think the Nebraska football team has taken a lead in an important race.

One of the reasons the idea of Jase McClellan taking visits away from Oklahoma is so important is because so far, the Cornhuskers don't have a running back commit in the 2020 class. They've got more than a few offers in the wind and it's more than highly unlikely that they will go 0-fer, but getting that first one is certainly important. If they can land a running back that once ran for 382 yards and five touchdowns in a single game, that would be all the better.

All eyes will be on Sevion Morrison as the summer winds down. He's already taken an unofficial to the Nebraska football team. Now he just needs to pull the trigger.