The Cleveland Browns just started camp and the excitement level couldn't be higher for the team. That likely means the pressure is up there as well.

If the Browns' players are able to handle it as well as Odell Beckham James is apparently handling it, then everything is going to be ok. The receiver, who was considered a daily problem child when he was with the New York Giants is getting a fresh start.

He seems to be making the most of that fresh start, as he was documented that he gave one lucky Cleveland Browns fan his cleats. The fan, a young boy, is likely going to be an OBJ fan for quite a long time after something like that.

Mary Kay Cabot of was one of the first to bring his little gift to light, taking a picture of the boy happily holding onto the pair of shoes.

Best kind of fan service

OBJ apparently stopped in the middle of some drills with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in order to take his cleats off and hand them over to the fan. It's hard to undersell just how brilliant a move that was from a PR standpoint.

It also appears that this wasn't something that was planned or that was really a PR move. He simply saw a fan that was attending fall camp and decided to give him a nice gift. That's the kind of thing that will make fans of the team, even those who might not like the spotlight that follows OBJ around, come around in a big way.

OBJ's spotlight

When talking about the kind of attention the Cleveland Browns receiver has gotten this offseason, there hasn't been a ton of positive information. The attention got worse when OBJ gave an interview with GQ.

In that interview, he talked quite a bit about the bad blood that exists between himself and the Giants.

Eli Manning fired back after the receiver claimed that he was the reason the team got any attention at all.

Manning made the comment that he found it was kind of funny that OBJ thought he was the one who was getting the attention. Manning's comment was a definite burn on the Cleveland Browns' newest acquisition. Manning made the comment that he won quite a few games before OBJ arrived on the scene.

That was the kind of comment that keeps a rivalry going. It's unlikely the two players are going to be trading Christmas cards anytime soon.

Those are also the kind of comments that make people wonder just what lines OBJ is going to cross next. The Cleveland Browns are hoping that he can only make positive news this season. They know that OBJ is going to be OBJ.

That comes with a little bit of negative attention despite their best efforts. That's why stuff like him being spontaneously giving a gift to a young Cleveland Browns fan is the kind of thing that the team loves to see. Here's hoping more of that is coming.