Now that Tyreek Hill has officially been cleared by the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs are expecting him to be back in camp as though there was never any doubt. The fact of the matter is that there is quite a bit of doubt. There was so much doubt that he would be back for all 16 games of the 2019 season that several people have come forward in recent days to voice their surprise.

Some writers have been talking about how it might be time to ship Hill out. They think that since he can play this year with no strings attached, he's going to net a good enough return that it would outweigh his contributions plus the baggage it could bring.

Another writer was legitimately surprised the NFL decided not to suspend the wide receiver, at least for a few games.

Did Kansas City dodge a bullet?

Ryan Wilson appeared on CBS Sports Radio to talk about his reaction. While he said he was surprised by the decision to not suspend Tyreek Hill at all, he also ... sort of wasn't. “On a scale of 10, a 10 and a 1. The NFL, under Roger Goodell’s reign, has been so inconsistent with these punishments. You never know what’s going to happen.” Hill went on to explain that he's at a loss as to the thinking behind the NFL's big wigs this time around.

“It’s curious that the NFL decided to drop the investigation, that they didn’t have enough evidence to move forward when we’ve seen in the past they haven’t needed as much evidence as legal authorities in order to hand down a punishment and send a message and, in effect, make an example out of a player." Wilson went on to bring up several different players that have been suspended despite the fact that they haven't been charged with crimes.

NFL in trouble?

One player that Wilson pointed to as an example of why the Kansas City Chiefs should be without their star player for at least a few games was Jimmy Wilson. The Baltimore Ravens player was suspended for threatening his girlfriend. The CBS NFL writer pointed out that Hill certainly made comments that can be taken as a threat against Crystal Espinal.

Wilson also talked about Ben Roethlisberger and Ezekiel Elliott, who both had six-game suspensions despite the fact that the local law enforcement authorities had dropped any investigation. Wilson's outrage appears to be one more of fear of what could happen next. He talks about the fact that if Tyreek Hill does something else to get himself into trouble, the league is not going to look good.

In fact, the writer says that if Hill does something that requires a later punishment the NFL will be in "deep and serious trouble" for allowing the Kansas City Chiefs player to return to his team without any time lost at all due to suspension.