The "Master of 619" Rey Mysterio recently gave an interview to Wrestling Inc.(Winkly Podcast) where he talked about the new stars of WWE and also about NXT and Triple H. He commented on Triple H's effort for improving NXT and how he has framed the future of the company by investing on NXT and building new stars for the future of the company. On being asked about who he thinks will be a big star in the future, he praised the former NXT Champion Andrade. This is what he said, "This kid is awesome. I mentioned it before in previous interviews, but every time I'm in the ring with him, there's an affiliation to how I would move with Eddie [Guerrero], This is how good he is: he's thinking a step ahead before you even move.

He already knows the positioning and knows exactly what to do and how to do it. My hat goes off to Andrade as he's definitely the future of WWE."

Vince McMahon receives hate from fans

It is quite clear that wrestling fans are unhappy with how Vince McMahon is dealing with WWE these days. With promotions like All Elite Wrestling (AEW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Ring Of Honor (ROH) and Impact Wrestling giving a tough competition to WWE, fans are not satisfied with the boring and monotonous matches booked by WWE. A very recent example of such a scenario is the upcoming event of WWE called "Stomping Grounds". The event has so many rematches with no excitement as there is nothing new that the fans are expecting from the event.

The rematches booked are "Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler", "Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin", "Lacey Evans vs. Becky Lynch" and "Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre".

Therefore WWE's Chairman Vince McMahon is facing the wrath of wrestling fans over social media. They are not letting Vince post a tweet without getting trolled relentlessly.

Whether he is congratulating Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or wishing Bayley a happy birthday, fans are attacking Vince asking him to retire. Some of the comments by fans who trolled him on Twitter include, "Step down please, we begging.Please do the best for your company.Your time is already finish.", "Vince pls fix the product before it's too late", "Triple h takeover please", "Resign."

Ryback supports Jon Moxley's attacks on WWE

Amidst all this, former WWE superstar Ryback commented on Jon Moxley's shoot interviews which went viral recently.

He attacked WWE for giving Jon Moxley a payment of just 500$ for his farewell match. He appreciated Moxley for speaking about his unhappiness with the company after leaving WWE. An extract of his statement is, "It's nice to see somebody else speak up on it and he is confidently allowed to because he will be able to make a lot of money from the other place so everything will be fine."