Former Nebraska basketball player Isaiah Roby is preparing for the next level as the NBA Draft is just five days away. Roby is making the most of the next few days as he continues to try and show some of the best teams in the league that he can hang with them. This time around, it's the Philadelphia 76ers.

The player, who had at least looked at going pro as early as his sophomore year, decided to return to the Cornhuskers last season. While he could have logged one more season, this time under Fred Hoiberg, he decided it was time to go pro. While there were some who wondered whether that was the right decision, it appears it was indeed.

Fresh Prince of Dixon?

In Dixon, Illinois, born and raised, on the playgrounds is where Isaiah Roby spent most of his days. Then the forward took his skills to the Nebraska basketball team under Tim Miles. Now he's looking to be the first Nebrasketball player to get drafted since Venson Hamilton was selected by the Houston Rockets in the 1999 draft.

Roby took part in some pre-draft workouts for Philadelphia on Friday, alongside fellow Big Ten alum Jordan Poole, who played for the Michigan Wolverines. They are being billed as the "headliners" of this weekend's workouts.

It's entirely possible that Roby could indeed be a Sixer when the next NBA season kicks off. They have the 24th pick in the first round of the draft, and then a total of four second-round picks.

It's clear the team is looking to build up its youth and the former Nebraska basketball player could very much be in their plans.

Making the Mock Draft

While Nebraska basketball team has had a number of players look at going pro, most have put their names into the draft and then later decided to go back to school. That includes James Palmer Jr and Isaac Copeland last year.

The difference between those two and Roby is that Roby was given some very good reviews by some of the teams that gave him a look. He was also invited to the combine. That's something that was enough to convince the forward he needed to stick it out.

There was also the massive, massive number of mock drafts that show he was going anywhere from late in the first round, to the middle of the second round.

One particular mock has Roby going to the San Antonio Spurs. That one, by Bleacher Report also points out that he'd likely still be spending most of next season at the G League.

That's the NBA's developmental league, similar to what you would see in MLB's minor league system. There are almost no mocks that see the former Nebraska basketball star not getting drafted somewhere. With five days to go until we find out where it's a very good sign that teams like the Philadelphia 76ers are wanting yet another look.