When Nebraska baseball began its wait for a new head coach, it appeared the end of the road would contain Rob Childress. That was certainly hinted at by some of the things Husker Athletic Director Bill Moos said when he laid out the things he was looking for from a new head coach. The problem, it appears, is that Childress didn't have the same desire to come back to Lincoln than people in Lincoln did in having him return.

New reports out of College Station say that despite some talk that he was on a bit of a hot seat, the Texas A&M head coach is planning to return for a 15th season.

That's bad news for Husker fans who wanted to see what they felt was a wrong, finally righted after all these years.

Nebraska baseball homecoming not meant to be

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that sources close to the Aggies' head man say he doesn't have an interest in leaving the program he's helped build from the ground up. Texas A&M has been a storied program for decades but it hit a bit of a slide in former Head coach Mark Johnson's final years. Following a 30-25-1 season in 2005, he was relieved of his duties and Childress took over.

After a rebuilding season in 2006, where the Aggies went 25-30-1 and 6-20 in the Big 12, the Aggies rose back to power. He's gotten A&M to at least a regional in 13 straight seasons, a super regional in six seasons and reached the College World Series twice.

Despite seeing his season end in a regional this year, it appears the people in College State know it would be hard to do much better.

Looking at plan B

If Rob Childress is indeed out of the running, then the question becomes who is Bill Moos looking at and who is the leading candidate for the Nebraska baseball team? The same rumors that said the Huskers were going hard after Childress had said that Creighton's Ed Servais was a top candidate as well.

That has been met with mixed results from Cornhusker fans.

It's not clear if the ones that don't like that name dislike him because he coaches for a rival, or because he simply hasn't put together the kind of sustained success the fans are hoping the next head man will have. It's entirely possible it's a little of both. While the Blue Jays made a super regional this year and were close to getting to the College World Series, They missed the postseason beyond the conference tournament from 2013 to 2017.

There are some in the local media who believe another former Nebraska baseball coach in Will Bolt could be the answer. He was an assistant under former head man Darin Erstad at the beginning of his tenure before moving on. The lack of movement in his direction and Moos' talk about wanting someone with lots of experience as a head coach could rule him out.

What is clear at this point, is that whoever gets the job could be a bit of a surprise, now that the fans' number one choice is off the board. The waiting game for Nebraska baseball's next head coach continues on.