The Nebraska baseball team is on the hunt for a new head coach. Former coach Darin Erstad stepped down from the post shortly after the Huskers' season ended. Since he made the announcement there have been all kinds of rumors about who is going to take the job. The newest name to pop up would make quite a bit of sense for a number of reasons. Creighton's head coach Ed Servais has been getting mentioned more and more as the search continues.

Servais thinks his players got him into the Nebraska baseball head coaching talk

KETV was one of the first to talk to Servais about the rumors he could be getting considered for the head job.

While he didn't specifically address the talk that he might be moving from Omaha to Lincoln, he did admit it was flattering to be talked about as next head man at Nebraska.

Servais also mentioned that the only reason he was being considered for the job was because of the way his players have played the last few years. That comment is certainly true to a point. The Bluejays have arguably been the better program for the last few seasons.

Creighton moved to the Big East in baseball not that long ago and while the conference isn't among the best in the country, it has been traditionally better than the Big Ten. Servais' success in his new conference is one of the reasons he's been getting mentioned as the head coach for bigger programs.

It wasn't that long ago he could have been squaring off against the Nebraska baseball team as a conference rival. He was considered to be one of the leading candidates for the Iowa Hawkeyes job.

Moos narrowing his search?

When Erstad announced he was leaving Nebraska baseball, there were plenty of people talking about who might fill the hole.

The Huskers' AD has long made sure that people know he understands what it is he's looking for in a head coach.

He even talked about the number one thing he's going to be looking for in the next head man. Moos has said he would like to have someone who can put together and develop a top-notch pitching staff. Some people thought he was nodding towards Rob Childress as being his top target.

It's possible he was indeed giving a hint at who he has talked to. It's important to remember that Texas A&M has the money to match any offer the Cornhuskers make. Creighton may not. Servais has also been around enough that putting together a pitching staff is something he knows how to do.

Talking about pitching doesn't mean that Childress is the only option. KETV mentioned a number of other coaches who could be looking to take the job. The rumblings around Nebraska baseball are that the open position won't stay open all that long. The end of the College World Series, or the seasons of those expected to be in it, could give us a hint as to when Erstad's replacement will be hired.