The Detroit Lions might have got themselves a new wide receiver this offseason, but that doesn't mean they are all about trading another one to the Washington Redskins. While the Internet was roiling with trade rumors surrounding Marvin Jones, it appears he's staying put, at least for now. That means that all the talk of him getting sent out of town is a nice lesson in not believing everything you read, especially during the offseason.

Washington Redskins rumor proved false

Earlier this week, the rumors started up that Marvin Jones was getting sent to Washington from Detroit in exchange for a once-hyped young player who has certainly drawn the ire of Redskins fans these days.

Josh Doctson was supposed to be headed to the Lions in exchange.

NBC Sports was quick to point out just why those rumors were quite ridiculous. When looking at what all the talk of the trade was, it's rather silly that anyone thought the deal would get done.

Marvin Jones is under the Lions' control for the next two years for a relatively cost-effective deal at $7 million a year. Jones played in just nine games a year ago thanks to injuries, but the two seasons before that showed a wide receiver who is well worth that contract.

In 2018, he had 61 catches for 1,100 yards and nine touchdowns. The season before that, Jones had 55 catches for 930 yards. The Washington Redskins would certainly love that kind of production, but what they were rumored to be giving up doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Josh Doctson had a career year in 2018, but that career year fell short of what Jones is able to provide. Doctson hauled down 44 catches for 532 yards and two touchdowns.

Youth in exchange for experience?

There are two arguments to be made as to why the Lions might have been working on a deal with the Washington Redskins but neither are convincing enough to explain why in the world the weak return would be enough.

Jones is said by some to be on the outs in Detroit. There is talk that he doesn't like the way head coach Matt Patricia runs a team. There is also the fact that he was injured last year.

Doctson is certainly younger, and he's seeing his production go up every year he plays in Washington. One has to wonder why the Redskins would be so eager to deal him when you take that into consideration.

He's younger, healthier and cheaper than Jones.

The Lions, are also quite happy with the work Jones has put in over the offseason to get healthy and become the receiver he has been once again. When talking about whether or not the rumors are true, there is of course also the fact that the deal has not gone down. Even more than that, there really hasn't been any talk of it going down since Sunday. The Washington Redskins seem to be standing pat, at least for now.