The Nebraska football team got yet another tight end to add to it's stable on Tuesday afternoon. Travis Vokolek, a transfer from the Rutgers Scarlet Knights announced on his Twitter account he had picked the Huskers. The announcement came after there was quite a bit of speculation that he would be making the call earlier. It's possible that's a sign of how difficult he found the final call to make.

Midwest had Vokolek's heart

The Huskers got in on the tight end transfer relatively late. He had announced he was going to be leaving Rutgers in April and had been talking to both Iowa and Kansas State.

Then Scott Frost and company decided they wanted in on the action. From the very beginning, it appeared they had changed things a bit.

Looking at both Iowa and Kansas State before the Cornhuskers came calling, Vokolek had been thought to be a Hawkeye lean. No matter where he went, it was somewhat interesting that he had been coming from Rutgers, which is located in New Jersey and apparently quite a distance away from the area of the country where he wanted to end up.

Once the Huskers got into the mix and hosted Vokolek on an official visit, there were some who thought the race was over. The tight end was telling people he would be making the decision between the Wildcats, Hawkeyes, and Huskers.

Now Nebraska football has beaten out two of its most hated rivals on the recruiting front for a player that could bring quite a bit to the table.

Nebraska football's new highly touted tight end

Vokolek originally picked the Scarlet Knights coming out of Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri. At the time he was a 3-star prospect and among the top 15 players in the state for his class.

While the Huskers weren't originally going after him, he did have interest from another Big Ten school in Minnesota. Beyond that, he wasn't heavily recruited by Power 5 conferences. What a difference a couple of seasons make.

Travis Vokolek has shown enough in just a few games to convince the Huskers and others that he is someone they need on their roster.

He appears in just one game as a true freshman for Rutgers in 2017, but he did manage to haul down a catch for 14 yards.

His sophomore year, it looked like he could be headed for a relatively big season for an offense that struggled to move the ball. In just seven games, he caught 16 passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, an injury derailed his season. Expected to be healthy this year, Vokolek didn't like the direction the offense was taking in spring practice and decided it was time to move on. Now he's landed in the lap of a Nebraska football team that has shown a real interest in taking more advantage of its tight ends. Hopefully, Travis Vokolek can be the beneficiary of that approach in the coming years.