Just in case you didn't think there were enough weird storylines surrounding the Cleveland Browns this offseason, there's another one. A member of the famed rap group 2 Live Crew has decided to weigh in on the flap that is forming between running back Duke Johnson Jr. and quarterback Baker Mayfield. Luther Campbell took to social media last weekend to share his views and he's sided rather definitively with Johnson

“&*%! Baker Mayfield for saying that dumb S*^# about Duke Johnson,” Campbell tweeted after hearing the comments about Mayfield's running back “I guarantee you be the one to divide this locker room up.

You are not in Texas at Cracker Barrel.”

Surprising dog in the Cleveland Browns' race

While a member of 2 Live Crew weighing in on the situation, which is born out of Mayfield criticizing Johnson for publicly asking for a trade out of Cleveland, sounds like something out of left field, it's really not. Luther Campbell is married to Duke Johnson's agent. Kristin Campbell is the one who is actively engaged in trying to get the running back on a new team. It's also likely she's now trying to put out the fire that was started by her husband.

For Mayfield's part, he was angered that Johnson was asking out of town while the Cleveland Browns are being talked about as legitimate contenders for the first time in years.

The quarterback also said he feels as though the request to be traded is a distraction the team doesn't need.

“It’s self-inflicted,” Mayfield said. “It is what it is. It’s not awkward for anybody else in this building.

Does Campbell have a point?

While the rapper might not have gone about getting his point of view across in the best way, Campbell's underlying argument has some merit.

He is basically most annoyed that Mayfield has sided with "management" over one of his teammates. The rapper underlined his argument with another tweet later on, saying it was going to be his last one on the issue.

Meanwhile, there are others who don't believe that the Cleveland Browns should trade Duke Johnson Jr.

just yet. The running back has made comments since this whole situation arose that if he isn't traded, he will still go out and do his job. Some analysts believe the team should be able to trust the running back to be true to his word. This isn't necessarily a Le'Veon Bell or Antonio Brown situation.

Johnson isn't routinely voicing his displeasure. He's simply made it clear he doesn't see a spot for himself. If the Cleveland Browns believe there is a spot where he could be an effective member of the team, they could hold onto him and be that much more of a contender. Of course, as others have also pointed out, if the team is going to move beyond this little spat, they're going to need Johnson and Baker Mayfield to make sure there are no hard feelings.