The Cleveland Browns are expected to be very, very good in 2019. Most are expecting them to not only get to the playoffs but make some noise while they are there. This offseason has been a very big change in the moods, hearts, and minds for fans of the squad.

The mood and vibe has been so different that even former Browns players are noticing and becoming a bit wistful. Such is the case with defensive back Joe Haden. Now a Pittsburgh Steeler, Haden took part in Jarvis Landry's celebrity softball game over the weekend and spoke about his former team.

Wish you were here?

"Every year I was here, I always felt like ‘this is going to be the year.’ No matter who the quarterback was, we were like, ‘he’s good enough to be a professional quarterback, he can make it happen for us," Haden recently told

The defensive back played his first seven seasons in Cleveland before spending the last two in division rival Pittsburgh. The Steelers' defender made it clear that he isn't holding a grudge, mainly because he never felt duped so much as just wrong, but he definitely wishes the team was as good as it's looking now under Baker Mayfield as it did under the myriad quarterbacks he played with.

“I’m not in any way upset, but like I’m like ‘damn, if I was there, that sure would’ve been sweet.’” He added.

Rivalry gets just a little better

Haden was also asked whether or not he agrees with Baltimore Ravens' Head Coach John Harbaugh. Harbaugh told the media earlier this spring that he believes the Cleveland Browns might have the best talent in the entire division.

Haden said that while he obviously sees that the team has added on and become something that could be special, they haven't passed his own team just yet.

He added that the Browns being better isn't necessarily going to make the rivalry that much more bitter.

“When I was with the Browns and we played the Steelers, it didn’t matter about who was on their team. It was just ‘it’s the Steelers, it’s the worst one, we want to make sure we beat them.’ It’s the same way over there."

Haden, who mentioned the quarterback play when he first started talking about his days with the Cleveland Browns brought it back around to the same position when talking about why he thinks the Pittsburgh Steelers are still in a good position when it comes to competing for the AFC North crown.

The defensive back rattled off offensive teammates like JuJu Schuster and James Conner. He also mentioned he really likes the quarterback who is still there in Ben Roethlisberger. Finally, the former Cleveland Browns star mentioned the defense for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He said he believes it's much improved and that his current team, not his former one, is the team to beat in the division.