Wrestling fans, throughout the world, seem especially unhappy with the WWE. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a company which has been entertaining the WWE Universe from a very long time now. It is happening since those awesome days during the 80s when there was Hulk Hogan going crazy with the "Hulkamaniacs" all over the world. Then there was "The People's Champ" The Rock, who was the most electrifying man in the world.

Then there was "The Champ" John Cena who was kids' favorite wrestler. But these days, the magic of wrestling seems to be going down as everyone is aware of the scripting and storylines which happens in such wrestling promotions.

In addition, the era of wrestling earlier had brutal matches, engaging storylines and unpredictable behavior by the wrestlers. All these attributes made wrestling what it was. Today, this is not the case.

CM Punk & Batista quit due to management issues

Due to disappointment with the functioning of the wrestling promotions, many wrestlers do not feel like being full-time wrestlers and some of them have even changed their fields. Wrestlers like Batista and CM Punk have quit wrestling due to their issues with the creative team of WWE. They have also given interviews regarding their bad relations with the WWE management and what led to their exit from the company.

Wrestling Fans want back CM Punk

CM Punk is one of the most-liked wrestlers of all time.

We can still hear chants for CM Punk among the WWE Universe especially when it takes place in Chicago as it's Punk's hometown. He recently took to Twitter to ask his fans a question. This is what he actually wrote, "Since I can’t have fun and tweet about movies or baseball without you telling me about rasslin’, question for you: Why do you spend your time on something you hate?

If it’s soooooo bad, leave it. I did. Works wonders. I look forward to the intelligent discourse."

To this comment, Punk has received replies from many fans.

One of the comments which he got was, "It’s called passion and holding out hope that something that used to be epic will be that way again." "I think they just miss you man. They know when you were apart of rasslin, that was the only reason they would watch it.( that’s when i watched it the most). Since you’ve left, it seriously hasn’t been the same at all. I really appreciate what you brought to the sport."

Another said, "I didn’t realize you hated wrestling altogether. I hated my job at one point. Was thinking of leaving the industry I was in. When to a different studio, got a fresh new project and I’ve been loving my job ever since. I was hoping for the same thing for you. I wish that for anyone."

So it seems that the fans still want Punk back in wrestling but maybe not in WWE and some other promotion. Let's hope that CM Punk appears sooner than later in one of the most talked about promotion of the present times i. e All Elite Wrestling.