While the Nebraska basketball team has been making noise with commits this weekend, it turns out the Nebraska football team wanted to join the party. The Huskers added a new receiver to the roster and one that can definitely become one heck of a contributor. Kanawai Noa is a grad transfer from California who appears to have landed in Lincoln.

Mike Schaefer of 247Sports was among the first to break the very unexpected and very good news. Because he's a grad transfer, he's eligible to play right away. Because of the numbers he put up with Cal, there is a very real chance that he's going to fit into the number two receiver spot, just behind Chris Spielman quite nicely.

Noa answers a big question for the Huskers

Just who was going to take over Stanley Morgan's spot now that he is attempting to catch on with the Cincinnati Bengals was absolutely one of the biggest question marks for the upcoming season. Nebraska has quite a bit of depth but they don't have a ton of players that have shown they can be a go-to player for 12 games.

Noa answers who will slide in behind Spielman, assuming he's able to grasp the Cornhuskers' offense quickly. Over his final two seasons with Cal, the receiver amassed 86 receptions for over 1,000 yards and six touchdowns.

Those numbers could have been even better, had Noa not been battling through most of the season with injuries. 2017 was easily his best season but it stands to reason that he could post similar numbers last year if he had managed to stay on the field.

In 2017, he brought down 56 passes for 788 yards and four touchdowns. Those around the program considered him one of the most reliable players on the team. Even hampered by injuries, he still managed to get 30 catches and two touchdowns. Now he's taking his act on the road.

Familiar face in Lincoln

While it likely had quite a bit more to do with the kind of offense the Nebraska football team runs, it can't have hurt that the Huskers have another transplant from the Cal Golden Bears.

Kanawai Noa never played directly under Tony Tuioti, since he was the defensive line coach for Cal last year, it's certainly possible the Huskers having a coach he knows helped reel him in.

If nothing else, Tuioti is a face Noa would have known and trusted. It would be pretty insane to think the coach wouldn't have leaned on both men being in California's program last season.

He's someone who could sing the praises of Scott Frost and company, even if it was peripherally.

Whatever the reason, the Nebraska football team just landed a player that can be an impact player in the 2019 season and who shores up the talent pool at a position that is more than a little important when it comes to Frost's offense.