There was a time when former Nebraska football star Stanley Morgan was thought of as one of the steals of the 2019 NFL Draft. That's because most experts knew that he wasn't going to be drafted high. Most people thought there was a pretty good chance that he would be drafted at some point.

It turns out no NFL teams were willing to spend a pick on the wide receiver but it didn't take long for him to find a home once the draft was officially over. The Cincinnati Bengals came calling and now Morgan is trying to figure out a way to stick with the team.

There is the rather obvious thing he and head coach Zac Taylor have in common. They are both former Nebraska football players, even if they played under different head coaches. That isn't likely going to be the thing that keeps him on the roster in the long run. That's going to be his talent. It appears there are at least a few experts who believe of all the undrafted free-agents the Bengals singed, Morgan has the best chance of sticking.

The wide receiver that stays

Chris Roling, of BengalsWire, put together a list of players that he thinks have the best chance of actually making the team. He puts Stanley Morgan right at the top of that list. That isn't a short list either. Roling lays out 10 undrafted free agents that have been signed by the Cincinnati Bengals this spring.

There are actually three receivers in the group of 10 that he looked at and he believes that if a wide receiver is going to make the roster as a UDFA then it will be Morgan. The Nebraska football star could end up being one heck of a cheap pickup. The Bengals had, what most people have said is a pretty good draft.

That was thanks in large part because they managed to amass quite a few picks.

There are some who believe Morgan could be one of the best pickups of the Draft weekend and they didn't need to use a pick.

Morgan a star in the making?

USA Today is far from the only publication that sees some serious potential in the former Nebraska football player. Late last month, Fansided's Stripe Hype talked about the potential star in the making that is Stanley Morgan.

The site went so far as to say that Morgan has a chance to be one of the top rookies in the 2019 class. They also pointed out that there were people who thought he could even go in the fourth round. That's one round in which plenty of big-time producers have been picked.

The best reason of all as to why Morgan could not only make the Cincinnati Bengals roster, but get some real playing time is because the roster is top heavy when it comes to wideouts. Yes, AJ Green and Tyler Boyd appear to be cemented as the top two on the depth chart. After that, there are a lot of question marks, even if you're dealing with veterans. That all means Nebraska football might have another receiver on an NFL roster come opening day.