New England Patriots veteran wide receiver Julian Edelman finally graduated from Kent State University. In a tweet, Edelman announced his graduation, completing what he started back in 2006. Edelman added that he wants to set an example for his daughter and fulfil the promise that he made to his parents 10 years ago. Edelman received thousands of congratulatory messages, but none bigger and wackier than from veteran quarterback and close friend Tom Brady, who is known for his wacky tweets since joining Twitter on April Fools’ Day where he announced his “retirement” from football.

Brady trolls Edelman on Twitter

Among the thousands of comments on Edelman’s tweet, Brady’s post stood out, when he tweeted; “Congrats on 14 years of college!!! That’s got to be another record you set!!” Edelman played three years of college ball with the Golden Flashes as a quarterback. After receiving his diploma, Edelman celebrated with his fellow graduates with high fives and talked with former teammate Danny Amendola via FaceTime. In 31 games with Kent State, Edelman threw for 4,997 yards and 30 touchdowns with 31 interceptions. Aside from being a signal-caller, Edelman was the team’s leading rusher in his senior year, carrying the ball 215 times for 1,370 yards and 13 touchdowns. However, Edelman was not invited to the NFL Combine, but the Patriots took a chance on him after seeing his potential in a Wildcat formation, taking him as the No.

232 pick (7th round) in the 2009 NFL Draft. Recently, Brady and Edelman were spotted training at Boston College.

Ex-NFL star gives advice on Hollywood career

Former NFL star running back Thomas Jones, who started a second career as a Hollywood actor after a 12-year playing career, gave retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski some advice in case he wants to become an actor.

According to Jones, who has several movies and television shows under his belt, Gronkowski will not be successful as an actor if he doesn't take the gig seriously. In an interview with TMZ, Jones told Gronkowski to commit to the movie industry, saying he can’t do it halfway. “You have to really, really buy into it,” said Jones, who took acting classes for four years.

However, Jones believes that Gronkowski will be a natural once he focuses fully on his acting career. “He's got some great relationships. He's got a big personality. I know people will be ready to work with him,” said Jones, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs. Recently, Gronkowski made an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards as a security guard and a co-presenter together with actor Terry Crews, who was also a former NFL player. There were rumors that Gronkowski plans to appear in the WWE, which he has done in the past. Recently, Gronkowski surprised the Patriots when he announced his retirement after a nine-year NFL career.