The Nebraska basketball team has been making some serious headlines since Fred Hoiberg came to town. That's especially true on the recruiting front, where the new staff has worked quickly to transform the roster. The latest development might not be a commit, but it's getting them closer. French power forward Yvan Ouedraogo named his new top three schools late last week, and the Cornhuskers made the cut.

Switching spots with Vanderbilt

Nebraska got in on Ouedraogo rather late in the game, but they've been making up ground quickly. He took an official visit on the same weekend that Cam Mack and Jayce Johnson came to Lincoln.

Since that visit, Mack has decided he does indeed want to be a Husker.

Could Ouedraogo be next? Nebraska basketball appears to be on the cusp, but it's hard to know if the 6-foot-8, 230-pound forward is really any closer to making a final decision. It wasn't that long ago that the French import thought he already had his final three teams.

Back in March, he told Eurohoops that he was looking at Vanderbilt, TCU, or Georgia Tech. The announcement that he has officially landed on his final three means the Cornhuskers have replaced the Commodores.

TCU and Georgia Tech are still very much in the running. The Huskers have made up some big ground since Hoiberg took over the job.

It's not clear if they've made up enough ground to surpass the other two schools. If recency bias is a thing that plays into his decision, he took visits to TCU and Georgia Tech a while back. What he saw in Lincoln could sway him since it was his most recent official visit.

Replacement for Heiman incoming?

A reading of the tea leaves and the reported actions of the Husker coaching staff could mean they are confident they are going to be landing a player that could replace the now-outgoing Brady Heiman.

After filling in during an injury-plagued season for the Cornhuskers, Heiman likely thought he had a shot to begin the new era of Hoiberg Nebrasketball.

It turns out that after meeting with the new head coach, the forward says he was asked to move on. Considering that the one thing Nebraska doesn't have a lot of is size, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that they would show Heiman the door.

Does the staff feel as though there is going to be someone who would fill his spot on the roster?

It should be pointed out that Ouedraogo does not have the kind of size that Heiman has. The French player is more of a standard power forward than someone who is going to be manning the middle. Either Hoiberg is looking to go a bit smaller, which he has talked about often, or getting Yvan Ouedraogo onto the Nebraska basketball team won't mean they're done.