The Kansas City Chiefs are pulling for Tyreek Hill, despite the fact that the team has officially distanced themselves from the speed burner. That's according to former receiver Dwayne Bowe. Bowe might have a special insight into the feelings of the team, as he was considered a bit of a problem child at times during his stay in KC. The receiver recently took a one day contract with the Chiefs in order to retire as a member of the team. He did that because while he played almost his entire career in KC, he played one final season with the Cleveland Browns.

That season didn't go so well.

Injuries hampered some of it, as he played in just seven games. He only caught five passes in that final season but for a while, it seemed like his break from the Chiefs was permanent. Kansas City and Bowe made sure to mend whatever fences were a bit broken. Following in the footsteps of making sure Charles retired a Chief, Bowe did the same. Now back in the fold, he's feeling ok about weighing in on several subjects. That includes how the franchise is dealing with the Tyreek Hill incident.

Still rooting

Speaking to TMZ sports of all publications, Bowe told them "When I talk to guys on the team, they're still rooting for him, they're pulling for him." On the one hand, that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Professional sports teams are always going to be tightknit.

On the other hand, the accusations that have been made against Hill are bad enough that it's not great to here someone who hasn't been involved in the day to day talking about how the Kansas City Chiefs are standing behind someone who was accused of abusing his son.

Of course, there is always the chance that Bowe isn't really talking for any of the players at all. It seems a bit weird that he would be one of the first to come forward and talk about how the entire franchise was taking things. Bowe offered his own bit of interpretation as to why the team was indeed supporting Tyreek Hill during this time.

"It's all he said, she said until the final word is out," Bowe said "He's a good guy. I've met him. I really don't believe all the things I hear on the internet and in the news." the former Chief added.

Gasoline on the fire

Despite quite a bit of offseason news surrounding Tyreek Hill, the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to be a very good team in 2019. The team has been keeping it's distance as much as possible. Even when audio was released that was quite damning for Hill. The team has said they want to wait until all the facts are known. The bottom line of Bowe's comments is that's basically all he's saying too. He's just being a bit more obvious on where he's going to be leaning until everything shakes out.